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Product Analysis & News

Concrete 101

2018-09-17T21:52:04+00:00July 27th, 2018|Business Opportunity, End User, International, Municipal, Product Analysis & News|

Concrete Facts and Economic Strengths Concrete is the second most consumed product on earth, behind water. Yet, by comparison, concrete construction represents millions of more jobs and a much greater economic return than water. In fact, sustainable water projects rely heavily on concrete for storage, distribution, and reclamation. There are nearly 3 tons of concrete

The Truth about cement mixer capacity

2018-08-31T21:51:09+00:00July 27th, 2018|Business Opportunity, Contractor, International, Municipal, Product Analysis & News|

A 4.1 cubic foot cement mixer or a 1.94 cubic foot mixer? There is misleading information that accompanies the sale of small cement mixers today. There are retailers that advertise large capacities in the bold headlines, and then they hide the real capacity from the buyer down in the spec sheet. It is only when

Cement – The Glue that makes Concrete

2018-09-26T02:56:45+00:00July 27th, 2018|Business Opportunity, Contractor, End User, Product Analysis & News|

Strong concrete needs evenly distributed cement. Producing a strong concrete requires the appropriate blending of aggregates with Portland cement and water. With the correct recipe and a proper mixing process, these materials will conjoin into a “stew” that can harden into the most durable material on earth. This concrete stew loses its effectiveness when the

What is the Weight of Concrete?

2018-09-26T02:58:15+00:00July 27th, 2018|Business Opportunity, Contractor, End User, Product Analysis & News|

A standard concrete mix design is heavy It is important to understand some rules of thumb when it comes to working with concrete. The first and most obvious concept in these "guesstimates" is that concrete is heavy. Standard concrete is created from rock, sand, and cement, all of which are naturally heavy materials. There has

Rocks are Really Big – Baby!

2018-08-31T21:57:59+00:00July 27th, 2018|Business Opportunity, Contractor, End User, International, Product Analysis & News|

No wonder there is so much concrete mixing going on... Every year the Mineral Information Institute delivers a baby... A mineral baby that is. The "baby" is the MII's way of demonstrating the demand for minerals in the United States. It is always amazing to us to realize the volume of materials it takes to maintain our society. When

What you hear is Good Concrete

2018-08-31T22:00:08+00:00July 27th, 2018|Business Opportunity, Contractor, End User, International, Municipal, Product Analysis & News|

With an experienced ear, you can hear concrete mixing If you have worked concrete often enough you can recognize good concrete either by looking inside the cement mixer or watching as it comes out of the mixer and goes into the wheelbarrow or form. Concrete flows Whether your mixer is a 6 cubic foot Home

The Top Trailer Towing Couplers

2018-08-31T22:07:43+00:00July 27th, 2018|Contractor, End User, Product Analysis & News|

Understanding the most popular Cement mixing trailer hitches and couplers Towing a portable cement mixer seems pretty straightforward: hook it up to your truck and go, right? Well, not quite so fast. Like everything else that looks easy to do, there is something to know. The larger the cement mixer, the more you have to pay attention

A Ready-mixed Concrete Trailer Location Service

2018-08-31T22:12:44+00:00July 27th, 2018|End User, Product Analysis & News|

Worlds biggest list of trailer-based concrete mixer locations! We receive calls every day from potential ready-mix customers looking for a place to get some concrete in a trailer. The Cart-Away websites seem to be a magnet for this type of call, and that is exciting! These calls are very rewarding to us because it tells