When you own the concrete system your yard improves.

Concrete slabs are so easy to keep clean. The best looking building material yards use concrete flat work to maintain a professional look and improve efficiency.   Unfortunately, many landscape material yards operate on dirt or gravel and they turn into a muddy mess when it rains. Concrete surfaces are great for managing water,  reducing mud and controlling dust.  Concrete is preferred over asphalt due to the resistance to the wear and tear from tractor buckets in a material supply yard,. Normally concrete is one of the most expensive ground covering material, so most yards never get to the point of installing the best solution.

One of the major benefits of owning your own Cart-Away system is that you can produce your own concrete any time that you need it. With a concrete production system you can install slabs at cost and save big. Plus with your own machines, you have control over when you place the concrete.

You can start on gravel and build out your slabs as you grow

The two images in this post are from the same location. The first was on the day that the Cart-Away system was set-up on the site. The second is 4-years later, after they had laid down hundreds of yards of concrete. This location has over 6 acres of property and has developed into a full service landscape material and green recycling center. These photos are taken at different angles, but in the later photo you can see the new bins and all of the concrete slabs surrounding their Cart-Away operation. NOTE: The have left the roadways and driveways on the property for asphalt coverage.

Cart-Away New System Set-up

Brand New Cart-Away Set-up

Do your concrete pours on your schedule

You can plan your yard improvement on any schedule that you want. Most of our customers use the time when there is a slow period to do the work. You are already paying for the labor so why not spend time building a better customer experience with your concrete.

Your staff can set the forms on one day and then pour the concrete on the next day. You can build the forms in small sections of 3-4 yards. so that you can manage your improvements section by section. The following are a few of the concrete projects completed by the customer pictured here:

  • They have every bin wall setting on concrete foundations – poured over time from their own Cart-Away system.
  • Every material bin has a 6″ thick slab under the material and a 6″ slab apron extending out from all of the bins.
  • All of the Cart-Away batching components are now on a slab
  • All of the trailer parking is on a slab
  • Their cleaning station is on concrete
  • There are sheds for tool storage on slabs.
  • The foundation for their sales offices were poured with their own concrete.
  • Slabs under equipment storage and service barns.
  • Slabs under the recycling system.
Cart-Away concrete produces slab improvements

Over 600 yards worth of improvements.

Excellent training for employees

One of the greatest benefits of pouring concrete in your own yard is that your employees can get some personal experience.

Most Cart-Away customers are pouring a slab of concrete, so having an opportunity to do concrete work is valuable. Your employees will get a chance to form sections and calculate volume and gather skills. These skills will help your team to better assist your customers to succeed. Learning to pour and finish a slab will help your workers to understand some of the issues that customer encounter. They will become experts in operating the mixing trailer in “real world” applications.  All of this experience will make your team a better ready-mix resource for your community.

Now is the time to start making a plan to improve your property. Save money and build a strong sales team. Use your Cart-Away investment to its fullest extent by pour slabs of concrete everywhere.