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For the Equipment Rental Dealer

Winning and keeping customers is critical to your rental success. Since 1973 equipment rental operators have used ready-mixed concrete to bring in  new business and to retain a competitive edge. Adding Cart-Away concrete to your rental location is a solid solution that has proven successful in hundreds of communities in North America.

There are three reasons this has worked so well in Rental:

  1. High Profit Margin = Quick Return on your Investment
  2. Customers come in for Concrete and then Rent everything else from you.
  3. Self-delivery concrete fits perfectly with your rental business process.

Why Use Cart-Away Equipment?

We can provide you with a very long list of other rental operators who can testify of these three reasons to add concrete to your rental business. Our team will support your up-front  preparations, start-up plans and the eventual success of your ready-mix profit center.

There are four reasons to have Cart-Away as your partner in this process:

  1. Cart-Away team members have been doing this since the 80’s and have actually worked at locations like yours – We are not the “Used-Car Salesman” you will find with other providers.
  2. Cart-Away equipment is well designed and built to last in rental applications – We invented the “tilt-to-dump” rental mixing trailer in 1993 and thousands are rented-out every day.
  3. Cart-Away has the marketing expertise to assist you in selling more concrete – We invest and use the same demographic data source as the Big Box stores to assist in your planning.
  4. Cart-Away’s fully stocked parts department and experienced based trouble shooting insures that you not lose a single sale – 24/7 support is critical to concrete success.

Ready to Get Started?

Your rental success will always depend upon finding the right mix of equipment and other offers. Join the many other rental operators who have found Cart-Away as the best addition to bring in new business, retain customers and increase profits. Call us today 800-909-9809.

What is your lead-time?2020-05-20T02:29:58+00:00

You will need to plan for a 4-6 week period for US manufacturing and then the time for shipping travel, customs, and other processes.

What are your payment terms?2020-05-20T02:30:09+00:00

We usually require a deposit prior to production of your equipment. Full payment prior to shipment is also the normal policy. Please contact our sales team for other options.

What are the dimensions and weights of your products?2020-05-20T02:30:29+00:00
What shipping options do I have?2020-05-20T02:30:41+00:00

You can arrange your own freight or let Cart-Away handle the shipping.

What about trouble shooting assistance?2020-05-20T02:30:57+00:00
  • In addition to 70+ years of experience on Cart-Away Systems, our experts have field experience with Trailer Haul, U-cart, U-cart of America and Sunrise systems. We are happy to talk you through almost any problem that you can have. 
What are my purchasing options?2020-05-20T02:31:09+00:00
  • Call us at 888-649-5464 and order over the phone.
  • Use the website to put together an order online.
  • We take all major credit cards.
  • You can fill out a credit application to establish a 30-day term.

These terms are available when purchasing parts. We do not offer these terms on equipment purchases.

Can I order a part for a mixer I bought years ago?2020-05-20T02:31:28+00:00

Yes! We keep records of all our parts old and new.

Why would I ever buy a wet auger system if the dry belt loader is so great?2018-06-26T20:29:39+00:00

In areas where the population is dense and close to your concrete operation, or where there are many U-cart ready-mix plants located, the ST-125s are sufficient. However, you will get more outlying business with mixing trailers whether or not you are batching wet concrete or mixing dry materials.

What is the advantage of mixing trailers over the others?2018-06-26T20:30:03+00:00

Mixing Trailers continually mix the concrete like a ready-mixed truck does as it is being towed down the road. When you get to the job site, the concrete has not settled and is fully mixed. These trailers can be towed many miles from the place where they receive the concrete. The mixing trailers are also completely hydraulically driven. Meaning that they mix, discharge, and tilt with levers rather than hand pumps.

Can I still get the wet auger system if I want to?2018-06-26T20:30:10+00:00

Yes, the U-cart systems that use an auger are still available from Cart-Away. We build the best quality wet auger system in our industry. We will be happy to quote you on either system. The wet auger blender can be optioned to load the 1-yard concrete mixing trailers as well.

Can I use other trailers with the dry belt loader than the 1-yard and 1.75-yard mixing trailers?2018-06-26T20:30:17+00:00

No, the tub trailer that started the U-cart business model requires the ready-mix to be loaded wet. The mixing trailers were specifically designed to mix aggregate, cement, and water in the drum and can be loaded from a dry belt loader.

Is it harder to use than the wet systems?2018-06-26T20:30:23+00:00

No, the controls on a dry belt loader and the controls on a wet auger system are virtually the same. The dry belt loader also uses the same 200-barrel silo. The footprint of the machinery is the same as the wet systems. The only difference is that the material is loaded into the trailers dry rather than wet. And you can make more money with mixing trailers.

What is the pivot all about?2018-06-26T20:30:30+00:00

The pivot is available so that you can stage many trailers in place and load them consecutively in line. The older U-cart auger system did not pivot for staging multiples of trailers.

Why use a dry loader rather than a wet auger system?2018-06-26T20:30:36+00:00

There are many reasons supporting the need for this type of system. Number one is that they require less maintenance than a wet system. The fact that the material is not mixed on the machine itself tells us that the abrasive wear on augers, shoes, bearings, and shafts no longer is a problem. The wash down after every load is no longer needed because 100% of the material is in the trailer. The operator can simply set the calibrated time and walk away. The belt will stop when the appropriate amount of material is delivered, and the valve will shut down the water at the prescribed time. Because the belt is empty there is no wash down required.

How can we be sure it’s Oregon made?2018-07-30T22:18:20+00:00

Cart-Away Concrete questions each of its suppliers on the origin of the raw materials and the labor that they used for every part that goes into a Cart-Away Concrete product.

What does “virtually all” mean?2018-07-30T22:19:01+00:00

“All or virtually all” means that the significant parts and processes that go into a Cart-Away product are from U.S. materials and labor.

Is 100% of a Cart-Away Mixer made in Oregon?2018-07-30T22:20:21+00:00
Cart-Away Concrete’s mixers are manufactured and assembled in Oregon. Most quality-minded US equipment manufacturers, like Cart-Away, are between 80% and 90% USA made. Our goal has always been to use the best components available, even if we must go to Italy or Germany to get them. Regardless of where we find the best hydraulic components in world markets, it is all tested, assembled in Oregon by our skilled craftsmen.

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