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Short-Load Market

Short-Load Market2022-03-27T21:39:18+00:00

Save Cost on Short-Load Fees or Waiting on Ready-Mix Trucks

We are privileged to work with the most resourceful and creative customers on the planet. You see an opportunity where others see a challenge, and you act decisively to succeed.

  • We support you with a full Parts and Service.
  • Ask us for a list of others who have succeeded in Cart-Away concrete.
  • Call one of our concrete mixer specialists today: 800-909-9809

Short-Load is an Opportunity for those with Vision

Because you hate paying those extra delivery fees and the loss of scheduling control, you know that others are just like you. The opportunity rests in solving this problem for yourself and for others in your community.

3 Ways Adding Short-Load Concrete into your Business can Help You

  1. Your own concrete work is more productive and profitable.
  2. You differentiate your business as the “go-to” for small concrete projects.
  3. Your ready-mixed concrete business adds to the revenue, profit, and value of your company.

Quality Equipment that you can Trust to Perform

  • Proven by contractors since 1993 and is USA made.
  • The “long-cone” Tilt-to-Dump mixer was invented by Cart-Away
  • Gearbox-driven like all modern ready-mix trucks – not chains and sprockets
  • A variable adjustment load-leveling tongue.
  • Long-life powder-coated finishes – not just painted.

Become a Cart-Away Short-Load Provider

You have the vision to see an opportunity and Cart-Away has the experience and equipment to make your dream a reality.

  • Cart-Away has thousands of mixing trailers working every day.
  • We have over 25-years of experience with ready-mix delivery.
  • We support you with a full Parts and Service.
  • Ask us for a list of others who have succeeded in Cart-Away concrete.
  • Call one of our concrete mixer specialists today: 800-909-9809

Ready to Get Started?

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Can I order a part for a mixer I bought years ago?2020-05-20T02:31:28+00:00

Yes! We keep records of all our parts old and new.

What are my purchasing options?2020-05-20T02:31:09+00:00
  • Call us at 888-649-5464 and order over the phone.
  • Use the website to put together an order online.
  • We take all major credit cards.
  • You can fill out a credit application to establish a 30-day term.

These terms are available when purchasing parts. We do not offer these terms on equipment purchases.

What about trouble shooting assistance?2020-05-20T02:30:57+00:00
  • In addition to 70+ years of experience on Cart-Away Systems, our experts have field experience with Trailer Haul, U-cart, U-cart of America and Sunrise systems. We are happy to talk you through almost any problem that you can have. 
What shipping options do I have?2020-05-20T02:30:41+00:00

You can arrange your own freight or let Cart-Away handle the shipping.

What are the dimensions and weights of your products?2020-05-20T02:30:29+00:00
What are your payment terms?2020-05-20T02:30:09+00:00

We usually require a deposit prior to production of your equipment. Full payment prior to shipment is also the normal policy. Please contact our sales team for other options.

What is your lead-time?2020-05-20T02:29:58+00:00

You will need to plan for a 4-6 week period for US manufacturing and then the time for shipping travel, customs, and other processes.

What is the advantage of mixing trailers over the others?2018-06-26T20:30:03+00:00

Mixing Trailers continually mix the concrete like a ready-mixed truck does as it is being towed down the road. When you get to the job site, the concrete has not settled and is fully mixed. These trailers can be towed many miles from the place where they receive the concrete. The mixing trailers are also completely hydraulically driven. Meaning that they mix, discharge, and tilt with levers rather than hand pumps.

Why would I ever buy a wet auger system if the dry belt loader is so great?2018-06-26T20:29:39+00:00

In areas where the population is dense and close to your concrete operation, or where there are many U-cart ready-mix plants located, the ST-125s are sufficient. However, you will get more outlying business with mixing trailers whether or not you are batching wet concrete or mixing dry materials.

Reseach your Market!

We use the same service that the Big-Box stores use to gauge business success. This demographic service can generate 100’s of data points that will be helpful in seeing the potential for your U-cart business. Contact a U-cart business specialist at Cart-Away and they can provide you with this Free Package.

Our Brands

Cart-Away Concrete Systems, Inc. is the owner of several recognizable brands and the creator of many unique branded products.


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