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International Solutions

International Solutions2022-04-10T18:22:59+00:00

World-wide shipping and expanding distribution.

For 25-years Cart-Away has designed and manufactured the finest portable concrete mixing and portable concrete batching equipment. Our products work in some of the most demanding places on earth.  We specialize in solving difficult concrete delivery challenges. Our international team has worked to improve the concrete supply system in many underprivileged and remote countries on earth. Visit with one of our concrete experts concerning your next challenging project.

NOTE: We are looking for Qualified Distributors in other parts of the world.  If you are an established and reputable equipment supplier please apply with our International Department: [email protected]

International Distribution


Process Innovations
Phone: 03 5309 2595  Email: Jeremy Glassel


Western Canada: Currently Looking for Distributors

Eastern Canada:

Delcor Equipment
Phone: 613-545-1950    Email: Les Bell

Central America: Currently Looking for Distributors

Mexico: Currently Looking for Distributors

South America: Currently Looking for Distributors

United Kingdom:

25 king Street Industrial Estate, Langtoft, Peterborough, PE6 9NF   Email: Michael Austin 

Call: 1-888-649-5464 (MIX-KING)

Shannon Reilly
Shannon ReillyHead of International Sales
What shipping options do I have?2020-05-20T02:30:41+00:00

You can arrange your own freight or let Cart-Away handle the shipping.

What are the dimensions and weights of your products?2020-05-20T02:30:29+00:00
What are your payment terms?2020-05-20T02:30:09+00:00

We usually require a deposit prior to production of your equipment. Full payment prior to shipment is also the normal policy. Please contact our sales team for other options.

What is your lead-time?2020-05-20T02:29:58+00:00

You will need to plan for a 4-6 week period for US manufacturing and then the time for shipping travel, customs, and other processes.

How many units will fit in a shipping container?2018-08-11T14:32:04+00:00
This will depend upon the type of Cart-Away equipment that you select. We have shipped as many as 5 units in a 40-foot sea container.
How long does a shipment take to get to Europe?2018-07-30T22:33:51+00:00

Shipping overseas averages 4 to 6 weeks.

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Cart-Away Concrete Systems, Inc. is the owner of several recognizable brands and the creator of many unique branded products.

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