Resort Construction in the BahamasTP32

A contractor building a resort on a remote island had a problem producing concrete for footings and grouting block. No ready-mix availability meant using a 1/3 yard portable mixer and losing valuable time.

In addition, he could not get the consistent concrete strength that was demanded for the project. Using the C.U.B.E. 150 he can produce over 15 yards a day and has completed cylinder tests to find a consistent 3800 PSI in 8-days.

“The only way we can get concrete on this small island is by mixing it by a smaller machine. I get 15 yards per day with the C.U.B.E.150 …. I could never do that with a 1/3 yard Machine”.

His mix design includes 9 bags of Portland cement, two tractor buckets of gravel, three tractor buckets of sand and 35-40 gallons of water.

Now at 300 yards following 60 days of work, planning 500 yards more on the project.