The two stories of Cart-Away mixers- The quest to solve one problem

High delivery fees on small quantities of concrete called “short-load” fees are a big problem. Solving this problem has lead to a profitable niche business and a line of unique mixing systems. Cart-Away demonstrates that exceptional design and manufacturing that can save you money.  Let us demonstrate great results for you as well by telling you about our business opportunities.

Become a U-Cart Supplier

1-yard concrete delivery service by U-cart

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In 1973 the U-cart business model was developed in answer to high delivery fees using concrete trucks. This solution provided concrete users with a tow-it-yourself trailer to deliver concrete with their truck -revolutionizing the concrete delivery industry just like U-haul did for the moving of households. Over the years the U-cart model has become an indispensable service in many communities, and Cart-Away is the leader in providing trailers and loaders for this niche market. Contractors, homeowners, handymen, and municipalities depend upon Cart-Away trailers to satisfy their concrete needs.

Start Your Own Short-Load Business

2-yard portable concrete mixer

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Cart-Away equipment users found that owning a mixer of their own was more profitable than borrowing one from the local U-cart at the time when concrete in a portable concrete mixer became a critical element in nearly every construction project. Today, there are hundreds of U-cart style businesses in the US and Canada. Thousands of Cart-Away towable and portable concrete mixers are on the road every day delivering quality concrete. This revolution in the industry has saved millions of dollars in short-load fees, the lost labor time, and operational frustration. In addition, Cart-Away mixing and delivery systems are hard at work in city fleets, government properties, and Military Installations, and for contractors of every classification.

There is no question that concrete is the foundation of construction, and it is your opportunity in the huge ready-mix supply system found in your area.

Three things drive your success with a Cart-Away system:

  1. The demand for small quantities of concrete.
  2. The fees that standard concrete suppliers charge for delivery.
  3. The support system that has been refined since 1973.

The most comprehensive study on the U.S. concrete market suggests that small projects represent a huge profit to suppliers of ready-mix concrete.

Total construction spending was just over $612 billion annually, with concrete work comprising 12% or $73-Billion per year in the USA.  The volume of ready mix concrete is expanding by over 12% a year.  Production sits between 350 and 400 million cubic yards of ready-mixed concrete each year.

Demand for small quantities of concrete – Over $2-Billion a year!

Studies by the Ready-mix Concrete Association indicate that about 2% of all ready-mix orders are for a “short load”. These small loads are 4 cubic yards or smaller (less than a full truckload). This equates to almost 8-million cubic yards per year. They calculate that the sales for small loads of ready-mix delivered by a truck are at $1.02-billion per year.

Go to any big-box home improvement store and you will see huge stacks of concrete bags. They estimate that $539-million in bagged concrete is sold every year for small concrete projects. Then, add the $526-million in onsite-mixed concrete and you will find that this ready-mixed is worth $2.1 Billion each year and growing!

Do the math and you will find that in your market, each person spends about $6.50 per year on small quantities of concrete.

Short-Load Fees will drive customers to you

It is very expensive to deliver concrete, so standard transit-mix suppliers charge for less than full truckloads. These “Short-Load fees” can add hundreds of dollars to the cost of small concrete projects. Not only that, but they also charge fees for the time it takes to deliver and they schedule you whenever it is convenient for them, messing up your schedule. All of these costs and hassles are what will drive business to your Cart-Away style business. It is also the “magic” that allows you to create huge profit margins and returns your investment so quickly.

Your customers will include contractors, municipalities, side-job workers, and DIY. All of these will come to you because of the short-load costs.

There are hundreds of Cart-Away locations that are very appreciative of the Short-Load fee and scheduling hassles that drive profitable business to them. You will be known as the local solution to the Short-Load cost.

The Cart-Away System of Success – Proven for decades!

When you want the support benefits of a franchise, but not the royalties, you come to Cart-Away Concrete Systems. From site-planning to marketing your new business, we have the staff to support your success. Most of our team have actually run Cart-Away or U-cart concrete businesses in the past. We know what it takes to grow and succeed in this business and we want to share our assistance with you. We manufacture our mixers and batching systems in the USA and support you with a fully stocked parts and service department. When you need us we are here for you 24/7. We know what you will need to keep making money from concrete sales and we stand with you for success.

Our products are built with the best components available. We powder-coat our mixers so that they endure the harsh construction environment. We invented the tilt-to-dump delivery trailer and we have perfected the “long-cone” drum design since 1993.

We ask that you examine the quality of our USA made products and even compare them to others. We encourage you to ask our customers about us and our equipment – we are happy to give you several names.

Our goal is to Demonstrate Results to you and help you to return your investment quickly and profit from this great business opportunity for many years to come.