Concrete Facts and Economic Strengths

Concrete is the second most consumed product on earth, behind water. Yet, by comparison, concrete construction represents millions of more jobs and a much greater economic return than water. In fact, sustainable water projects rely heavily on concrete for storage, distribution, and reclamation.

There are nearly 3 tons of concrete produced each year for every human on the planet, making it the most used man-made product in the world. Concrete production and concrete construction have an impact on almost every facet of human existence. Concrete usage is two-times more than wood, steel, plastic, and aluminum combined. When you consider it, there are not many structures that don’t include some type of cement-based building product.

Construction jobs in the US represent approximately 6% of employment or around 9,000,000 jobs. Because concrete touches almost every aspect of construction, a large percentage of these jobs are supported by concrete. The concrete supply chain reaches well beyond construction mining, equipment, transportation, and the industrial sectors. Both the world’s strongest and weakest economies can benefit from a robust concrete construction supply chain.

Finding ways to improve the quality of our concrete production system should be a focus of government, business, and social stakeholders. Cart-Away Concrete Systems is proud to contribute to the strength of this great economic engine.