Mavericks are those people who eagerly make decisions that fly in the face of business-as-usual. They take the traditional course of action and blow it off, looking instead for new “disruptive” platforms for an exciting ride to success.
In 1993 Cart-Away turned away from the norm and started to strafe the delivery traditions of the ready-mixed concrete industry. Decades later Cart-Away is flying high as the MVP of the self-delivery niche.

Traditional delivery methods needed disruption

In 1915 Stephen Stepanian of Columbus, OH, applied for a patent for the first truck mixer. It was a bit of a failure,  but with advancements in trucks and machinery the ready-mixed delivery truck became the norm. Today there are about 70,000 mixing trucks working in the built environment of the U.S. The common features of concrete truck delivery are big and heavy. Cart-Away disrupted the norm by introducing smaller and lighter concrete delivery in a trailer. Specifically designed to move small loads of concrete for smaller projects.

Disruption needs a problem in order to succeed

Traditional truck delivery stands firmly on the ground that contractors should order full truckloads in order to get the best pricing. This rigid stance created what is known as Short-load Fees. Contractors are forced to pay high up-charges if they order less than 1/2 of a truckload, or under 4 cubic yards. Seven percent of all concrete deliveries in the U.S. are for less than 4-yards, so that is a lot of extra fees charged to contractors. Adding to the up-charge for a small load is the delays for delivery. Contractors are forced to wait days or weeks to get a small load of ready-mix.  These problems opened the space for disruption, and a ready-mix Maverick took flight. Cart-Away has pushed hard on the throttle and today there are over 4000 Cart-Away self delivery trailers moving ready-mix concrete to job sites. This small and nimble self-delivered concrete platform has created a $460 million dollar network of locations in North America. Most of these locations are operated by business people who are not afraid to fly at full speed when an opportunity is open to them. The short load fees and the delivery delays have provided problems that a Maverick could ride to success.  We honor all of our location partners and our Cart-Away team for strapping in and flying fast toward disruption.