A quick survey of the Las Vegas short-load concrete fees

One of the simplest ways to measure the opportunity for a Cart-Away operation is to discover the local ready-mix delivery pricing. All you will need is a phone, web browser and list of questions. Here is what we do when we rolled into Las Vegas to discover the size of the concrete opportunities:

short-load concrete fee in Las Vegas

High Priced Small Load

  1. Go to the internet and do a search on the Keywords -“Ready-mixed Concrete in Las Vegas
  2. Call each company listed and be prepared to ask a few questions.
    • How much do you charge for 3000PSI concrete in your truck?
    • What is the price if I order a full truckload?
    • What is the price if I need only one yard delivered?
    • Are there any minimum load requirements?
  3. Record on paper the cost of the concrete and the added short-load fees that you are given.
  4. Calculate the cost of one cubic yard delivered in the area, including extra fees.

We visited Las Vegas in November of 2020 and here is what our simple survey found;

  • We found 9 traditional transit-mix locations in Vegas.
  • We found 7 volumetric mobile-mix locations in the area.

Las Vegas is a very strong concrete market, as demonstrated by the number of truck delivery companies and the number of huge building projects all over the place. So we asked the questions of the concrete dispatchers in the area to determine the one cubic yard pricing.

The Short-Load Fees

Traditional transit-mix trucks (drum-mixers) sell 3000psi concrete between $88.00 per yard and $92 a yard. The short-load fee for delivery of 1-yard ranges from $185 to $250.  One company had a $250 delivery fee on any sized load that they delivered. These high numbers are a sign that these companies are really too busy with big jobs to want any of the small project work.

Here are some examples of the quotes from the local Volumetric (auger-mixers) truck operators;

  • $120 per yard with a $75.00 delivery fee
  • $160 per yard with a 1.5-yard minimum order ($240.00 for one yard)
  • $300 minimum charge at $95.00 per yard.

The Cart-Away Opportunity in Vegas

There are great opportunities to sell short-load concrete in every community around the country. We see Las Vegas as an example of how to take advantage of the large concrete demand, coupled with high short-load fees. The traditional ready-mix suppliers are busy and they are charging high rates for delivery, especially in small quantities.

There are very good indicators that suggest that Vegas is a strong short-load opportunity. Here are a couple of research data points that we look at:

  • Google search volume for 1-yard of concrete to 3-yards of concrete is 600 per month.
  • Cart-Away web traffic reports show that we have had over 1200 people on our site from that area in the past 12-months.
1-yard concrete mixer, 2-yard concrete mixer, 3-yard concrete mixer, cement mixer

Self-delivery concrete trailer

During the past 25-years, Cart-Away has assisted hundreds of operators to take advantage of the small concrete demand within their market. We have helped each of these locations to establish pricing and to build in high profits.  If we were assisting someone in Las Vegas we would look at the research on truck delivery pricing and then we would suggest pricing that would be appropriate.

Example:  Truck delivered ready-mix is as high as $300 for one cubic yard and as low as $195. for a yard.  We would suggest that a trailer-based operator charge $185 per yard.

Your profit on this pricing would be in the $115. per yard range.  Further, we would help you create a price list that would provide you with at least $115 dollars every time a trailer left your facility, no mater how much it carried. This is a significantly high profit margin for the ready-mix sales industry – In fact it is the highest in the industry.  This is why Cart-Away locations can claim to be the most profitable ready-mix suppliers in the communities that they serve.

Call our support department to find out how to establish the best pricing for your short-load sales opportunity – 800-909-9809