Concrete is cooler than you would think

Joining the Concrete Supply Chain

Become an MVP in Concrete

Concrete is the second most consumed product on earth (water is #1) and the number one building material by far.  Concrete is the Most Valuable Player to the built environment. Yet, most don’t see concrete as that important to the strength of our infrastructure.

Because of concrete‘s light color, it reflects 30-50% more light than asphalt. This reduces the temperature in major cities by up to 7%.

Concrete is the most natural-disaster proof building material in the world. Here are a few more facts:
  • Concrete will last longer than any other building material.
  • Over 70% of the world’s population lives in a structure that contains concrete.
  • More than 55,000 miles of highway are paved with concrete in the United States.

These facts and more are part of the reasons that entering concrete is a cool move.

It is time to enter the concrete business

Even though concrete is a bit dull and undramatic it can still be exciting if you enter in the right market. The coolest way to join the concrete industry is with a trailer. And, the MVP of concrete trailers is Cart-Away.

1-yard concrete mixer at daytona

Now this is Cool…

We travel the country pulling one of these 1-yard concrete mixing trailers. Because of its size and the fact that you can instantly recognize it as a concrete mixer, we get a bunch of thumbs-up. The most common statement that we hear is; “That is cool, how much will it hold?”.

Joining the Cart-Away family will not turn you into an instant celebrity, but it sure will get you noticed. We have helped hundreds of people join the “cool club” and we would like to work with you. Is it time for you to enter concrete?