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Cart-Away staff are trained and experienced in government and military sales.

Cart-Away Concrete Systems, Inc. is the worldwide leader in portable concrete mixer and delivery solutions. Cart-Away designs and produces 1-cubic yard to 7-cubic yard mixing and delivery systems. Cart-Away products can be purchased in the GSA or from other Buying Groups. All of the Cart-Away equipment is manufactured in Oregon/USA and is finished and assembled to the highest quality standards.


Since 1993 Cart-Away has demonstrated that the success of our customers is what fuels our business success. We know that adding extra value from in-field experience sets us apart from those who just want to sell equipment. We back this up with a fully-stocked parts/support department that is not normally found in this niche.


Cart-Away mixers and delivery systems have decades of field-service and are supported by a seasoned customer service team. Our customers rely upon us to produce robust concrete equipment and we take that responsibility very seriously. Our team is happy to provide you with a sole-source document.


Cart-Away has a reputation for innovation and efficient manufacturing. Our facility has the local reputation as “The place to work”.  Our equipment is recognized for proven practicality in a compact package. Cart-Away machines are powder-coated for extra durability and are designed to meet the military specification of 70-plus drum rotations per batch.


We supply mixers to NATO-US Navy Seabees, multiple US Air Force Bases and local municipalities from California to Florida. In addition, there are thousands of our trailer-mounted mixers working in rental locations throughout North America.

“Our Cart-Away trailer works all day, every day on repair jobs. I wish we had another one.”

City of Salem, Oregon
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Shannon Reilly
Shannon ReillyHead of Government Sales
What is our GSA number?2018-09-14T18:03:08+00:00

Our GSA Schedule Number is GS-30F-0003T

To find GSA prices on Cart-Away equipment,
Go to, and enter ‘cart-away’ in the search box, and press enter.


How do I buy through HGAC?2018-09-14T18:00:24+00:00

Cart-Away’s HGAC Contract number is CM02-17. This link that explains how to buy through HGAC.  This is the link to buy through HGAC.

Can I purchase sole source?2018-08-20T22:00:00+00:00

Yes, here is an example of a sole source letter. Please contact us for one. 

How do I purchase equipment for government use?2018-08-11T14:22:52+00:00

Browse our products through GSA for government purchasing! GSA has On-line access to contract ordering information, terms and conditions, up-to-date pricing, and the option to create an electronic delivery order.

What are our DUNS, SIN, and CAGE numbers?2018-08-11T13:26:01+00:00

Reference numbers: DUNS: 176095334  SIN: 271-106  CAGE: 4DC73

Which NAICS number is primary?2018-06-26T21:45:06+00:00

We have five NAICS numbers, 333120 is primary. The others are 561210, 327320,327310, and 238990.


What is our FSS?2018-06-26T21:43:49+00:00

Our FSS is 23V and 38.


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Cart-Away Concrete Systems, Inc. is the owner of several recognizable brands and the creator of many unique branded products.

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