Manufacturing cement mixers for the GSA requires a good “Past Performance Evaluation”

Cart-Away Concrete Systems, Inc is a GSA (Government Services Administration) contract holder. This agreement renews every few years and this time we were required to pay an independent firm to survey customers to determine our “Past Performance”.

The survey was conducted via telephone interview with several of Cart-Away’s past cement mixer customers. These individuals have purchased a portable concrete mixer, an on-site batching system or one of our concrete mixer trailers.

The survey attempted to ascertain Cart-Away’s ratings in 9 areas of business practice. Reliability, Cost, Order Accuracy, Delivery Timeliness, Quality, Business Relations, Personnel, Customer Support, and Responsiveness. Nine questions were asked with an opportunity to rank Cart-Away on a scale of 1 to 10. The questions explored things like:

  • How satisfied do you feel about the quality of the product provided?
  • How satisfied are you with the attitude, courtesy, and professionalism of the staff?
  • How reliable is the company in following through on commitments?

We have been asked by the government not to display any of the images from this independent report, but we can tell you that we rated very well. On a scale up to 100 points Cart-Away ranked 94, and in every one of the 9 areas of business practice, we rated in the highest-positive level. We are very pleased that in the QUALITY area, our customers gave us a 100% positive!

We appreciate that our customers have responded so positively…. Making cement mixers that meet the expectations of demanding customers is a job that Cart-Away takes very seriously. We are OK with the fact that the US government required us to invest in this evaluation in order to offer them our mixers. It allows us to suggest that our products and business practices are in a league above any of our competition. We are proud of the fact that we make the GSA and our customers very happy… Here is a link to our site, if you are interested.