Simple and Efficient

The Cart-Away SupermixR is a simple and efficient mixer attachment for a skid steer or front-end loader. It will blend about ½-cubic yard per batch.

Use the SupermixR to scoop material from the pile for mixing, break in bags of ready-mix or use it to move agitating concrete from the transit-mix truck to the forms. It is perfect for shotcrete companies, masonry and concrete contractors and fence builders. Remote jobs are made easy with a SupermixR Portable Mixer.

Self-Loading Skid Steer Attachment

Cart-Away’s SupermixR Portable Concrete Mixer does the hard work for you. It is an attachment for a skid-steer or other front-end loader, so it is totally mobile. And it’s self-loading, so sand and gravel do not need to be hand shoveled. Just drive the mixer into the pile to start the process. It mixes very quickly and is easy to maintain and clean.

Fast and Portable

With a SupermixR Portable Concrete Mixer, the sand/gravel pile can be in one location, the cement in another and the discharge point at a third. This Mixer travels easily between the three locations. Its mixing speed is a great advantage, because it faster than most portable mixers. The SupermixR Portable Concrete Mixer can easily mix two to three cubic yards of concrete or mortar per hour.

SupermixR Details

The SupermixR weighs just 650 pounds and Loaded with concrete it will weigh approximately 1800 lbs. The remote hydraulics activate the paddles and turn them in either direction.

It requires a 1300 lb. or heavier rated skid loader, with some needing counter-weights. The hydraulic motor requires 15.8 G.P.M.

Ready to Get Started?

Cart-Away has over 25-years experience in building quality concrete mixing and delivery equipment. Contact us for more details on the new SupermixR: 1-888-649-5464


  • Hydraulic Motor

  • Dimensions 5”6”L x 4’4”W x 2’6” H

  • Two hydraulic hoses with quick connection, “Flat-Face” fittings.

  • Paddle pads are slotted to be adjustable and reversible

  • 650 lbs; 1800 lbs fully loaded

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