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The concrete tub trailer has been a part of the U-cart self-delivery landscape since the 1970’s.  This “concrete buggy” is designed to carry up to 1 ¼ cubic yards of wet concrete to the job site. Once it is backed to a dump location, it is pumped up to pour out the concrete through the free-flow tail cone. Cart-Away produces these free-flowing 1.25-cubic yard tub trailers with the same level of quality as our portable concrete mixer trailers. The molded tub is formed from 10-gauge steel and fully welded. The trailer frame is built with 2”X 4” rectangular tube, designed for years of rental abuse. The Free-Flow tub design and a 60-degree dump angle ensure complete emptying of the concrete. The high lip on the top edge helps to prevent spillage of wet concrete during transport. Tandem axles and the Cart-Away Vari-Height adjustable tongue allow you to pull the trailer at highway speeds with almost any truck. Four free-backing “surge” brakes and a full lighting package provide additional towing safety.

The new Cart-Away Tub Trailer takes advantage of a longer hitch to axle ratio than the old U-cart tubs. This advanced design is 27” longer in the critical hitch to axle area. This safety improvement reduces jackknifing, highway trailer-whip and improves operator reaction times during backing. If you need to just move wet concrete from point A to point B, the Cart-Away concrete tub trailer is the tool for you.


  • Capacity: 1yd cubic yard

  • Axles: Tandem Heavy-duty @ 3500 lbs. each

  • Brakes: 4-wheel – hydraulic surge – free backing

  • Wheels/Tires: 205/75 R15 – load range D

  • GVWR: 7,000 lbs

  • Empty Weight: 1,340 lbs

  • Dimensions: 5’ 5”W 4’ 8”H 15’ 5”L

  • Dumping Tub Configuration: Free-Flowing sidewalls to Free-Flowing tail-cone

  • Dump Angle: 60-degrees

  • Tail-cone Dump Height: 31”

  • Tailgate: Swing-away and secure latching

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