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Cement Trust

Raising Money for a Concrete Mixer

2018-08-31T23:13:44+00:00July 27th, 2018|Cement Trust, Customer Experiences, Product Analysis & News|

Haiti to benefit from better concrete production Joel Troyer is a man on a mission... A mission for stronger buildings in Haiti. After doing some volunteer work in the earthquake ravished nation, Joel decided that they needed a portable cement mixer in order to build back better. He came home and started searching for the appropriate mixing device. His

Changing the Way We Rebuild

2018-05-05T01:40:42+00:00May 5th, 2018|Cement Trust|

A Vision: Through the efforts of the Cement Trust, concrete construction will change for the better for the poorest people in the world. Quality and consistency must return to the construction processes used to rebuild following a disaster. No longer can we accept old technologies that produce poor results.  We waste too many resources and lives

A Concrete Approach to Increasing Resilience and Reducing Risk

2020-06-02T15:17:06+00:00May 5th, 2018|Cement Trust|

How can vulnerable populations protect themselves against risk when they continue to build upon a poor foundation? Do crumbling buildings have any place in sustainable development? These questions are at the heart of Cement Trust’s development strategy. We work with the international concrete community to develop and implement tools that charities can use to build

The Concrete Supply System

2018-08-31T22:44:22+00:00May 5th, 2018|Cement Trust|

The concrete supply chain (CSC) describes the full range of activities through which cement-based construction products pass to become a completed building. These include activities like resource exploration, mining, engineering, production, transportation, distribution, quality control and more. These activities are so varied that they seldom reside within one firm, but are usually spread between several business enterprises.


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