A Vision: Through the efforts of the Cement Trust, concrete construction will change for the better for the poorest people in the world.

Quality and consistency must return to the construction processes used to rebuild following a disaster. No longer can we accept old technologies that produce poor results.  We waste too many resources and lives to neglect this effort any longer.

Charities must not participate in concrete construction without meeting minimum international standards.  We know that sending volunteers with shovels is like funding water-well projects to supply polluted water – Both are proven failures…

Build a concrete supply chain

No legitimate rebuilding project should be funded without finding a way to leave better technology and future jobs behind, as a benefit to the local economy. Industry must find appropriately scaled tools to create a working supply chain and build economic security.

Charitable reconstruction should never be based on a failed supply system when donor money is supporting the effort. Using shovels to mix concrete on the ground, by people who know better, should never be a part of an organizations building plan.

Instead of relying on poor methods of construction, all of the concrete industry, every charity and each government must work together to build-up local concrete supply chains. The goal should be a concrete that reaches the strength of 3000PSI (pounds per square inch)  – NOT the 1200 PSI that is normal from shovel-mixed concrete!

Change Reconstruction

Until charity organizations change their acceptable level of concrete construction we will continue to waste money and the world’s limited resources. Well-meaning work will continue to be wasted on creating 1200PSI concrete with a shovel when 3000PSI is needed to build a solid home.  To facilitate this change, the concrete industry must step-up and share their knowledge and expertise with charity workers. Until we combine charity’s concern with industry’s knowledge we will see this waste continue.

What can you do to meet the 3000PSI target?