Cart-Away is a Clydesdale investment opportunity

The base DNA of a Unicorn and a Clydesdale are about the same. Both have similarities that are easy to recognize from the family of horses. They each have four legs, hooves, and flowing manes.  Beyond that, they are a different breed, with different identities. Actually, one is based upon reality and the other lives in the world of hopes and dreams. Unicorns are well known in the business investment community as the rare but exciting deals, like Facebook, Uber and Airbnb.  In the real world, few investors find the Unicorn.

The Clydesdale investment is the surefooted representation of traction and dependability.

unicorn investing or Clydesdale investing

Cart-Away Supply is a Clydesdale

  • Unicorns offer a flashy and exciting riding experience.
  • Clydesdale teams pull hard and turn barren fields into useful farms.
  • Unicorns must be discovered in a vast forest of pitch decks and promises.
  • Clydesdale graze in the open pastures of traction and teams.

Put a Clydesdale in your investment stable.

Once you find and then ride an investment Unicorn you know that the Gods of the Stable are shining upon you.  But filling a stable with only Unicorns is extremely hard. Most investment stables include some riding horses, a couple trick ponies and a lame mare or two.  The truth is that picking winning investments is hard work and the best choices come down to teams and traction.  Strong and established workhorses are necessary to grow and maintain the built environment in the North America. Cart-Away Supply is a study in smart Clydesdale investing, with a strong team, decades of traction and the upward trajectory of demand.

Cart-Away combines team and traction

short-load concrete locations for Cart-Away

Over 400 Locations in North America

Cart-Away is the leader in self-delivered concrete with over 400 locations in North America. Cart-Away fills a niche where the demand is strong and the profit margins are the highest in the ready-mix concrete industry. Investing in Cart-Away concrete is like putting money on the proven Clydesdale team with strong traction, rather than waiting on a hopeful encounter with a Unicorn. Cart-Away has proven that it can build a network that has grown to over $160 million in annual sales. Our network of businesses have a value of just under $500 million.

The trajectory is upward within this niche. Concrete is the most consumed product in the built environment and demand regularly outstrips the delivery capacity.  Adding to the current ready-mix demand, are billions of dollars coming in government infrastructure spending over the next decade. This proven traction and a seasoned team of experts are positioned to benefit from these opportunities.

Finding the Unicorn investment is a great endeavor, but you should also look in the vast pasture of pitches to find a strong Clydesdale to join your stable.  Cart-Away Supply is that Clydesdale.