The driver pulled in with a 24-foot bed and so we nested the two large mixers together so that he could take them up to a big construction project in Canada. This is how you put 27′ of mixers into 24′ of space. These portable concrete mixers will produce cement-based construction mixes for one of the largest construction conglomerates in the world. These two hard-working mixers will more than be up to the task.

The mixer on the back is the CUBE, and it is very much accustomed to batching and producing concrete in very remote locations. The trailer on the front is the MixKing, a 1.75 cubic yard portable concrete mixing unit that can be towed by the crew behind a pick-up truck. Both units will work great in the harshest conditions that the Canadian outback can present. The driver better dress warm because he may soon find himself on the ice roads of the frozen North!