The Minimum Load Charge Side Effect

Many big ready-mix concrete companies will not deliver small loads unless you purchase a minimum. This creates the unwanted consequence of too much concrete for the actual need.  Even though the job only requires 1-1/2 yards, there still is a 3-yard minimum to get the delivery completed. This requirement usually encourages over-buying and the resulting excess material on the job site. When the forms are completely full the ready-mix truck driver needs to find a place to get rid of the extra concrete. We have witnessed extra concrete poured into several devises, even the ground. We found this image interesting in that it appears to be a sea of Kiddie Pools full of extra concrete.
over filling concrete washout

Save Money and Reduce Waste with Cart-Away

Using a smaller Cart-Away trailer-delivery model saves in three ways:

  • Don’t pay short-load fees.
  • Only pay for the concrete that you need.
  • Stop filling the job site with the extra concrete.

Imagine the thousands of dollars that these Kiddie Pools represent to contractors. Then think about all of the clean-up that will be required to dispose of this sea of over-flowing plastic pools.

Cart-Away is the solution to better control your concrete costs and also the waste that results from minimum load requirements.  In many communities, there are fleets of sturdy concrete mixing trailers that are just as tough as a ready-mix truck, just smaller. These lighter solutions don’t damage the road from heavy trucking, belch diesel smoke and can keep the job site from looking like a mini moonscape full of extra concrete piles.