55 Million trucks can solve the short load problem

Trucks pull 1-yard concrete mixersIn the USA the pick-up truck is the king of towing. A full 20% of all registered vehicles are pick-up trucks that sport a rear tow-ball. All of these trucks are the driving force behind the Cart-Away system for solving the high short-load fees charged by ready-mix companies.

Pick-ups and SUV’s

A report by Experian suggests that this category of towing vehicle is growing. More and more households use the truck as a second vehicle due to its versatility.  Add in the SUV’s with similar towing capacity and the number of tow balls is enormous. Towing concrete to the job site is a big opportunity that should be considered.

We Count Bumpers with Balls

At Cart-Away we see the number of tow balls as the indicator for success. Our fleet of trailers depend upon a high volume of towing vehicles to be successful. Solving the short-load problem is what makes towing a concrete mixers such a success. A Cart-Away towable trailer is the perfect solution to the high cost of traditional concrete delivery methods.

California, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Florida and Missouri have the most Cart-Away trailers in the country. These states also had 33.4% of all the new pick-ups registered in 2019. Over a quarter of all vehicles registered in Texas have a ball hitch ready to pull a Cart-Away concrete trailer. But there are ten states with over 28% truck registrations, with some as high as 41%.

Heat map of US trucks

(Experian new vehicle registrations in Q1 2019 – pickups)

Bumpers of all sizes

The Cart-Away trailer allows customers to tow away volumes between 1/4-cubic yard to 1 3/4-cubic yards. Smaller volumes of concrete in a mixing trailer can be managed by a mid-sized SUV. Even completely loaded with 1 3/4-yards of concrete, a Cart-Away mixer still weighs less than 10,000-pounds. This weight is well within the towing capacity of almost every full-sized truck sold today.

With all of the trucks and SUV’s in our communities, there are simply no barriers to solving the environmental and financial challenges associated with short-load concrete deliveries.