Clean concrete mixers equal short-load success.

Starting in the 1970’s and up to today the Cart-Away and U-cart brands have represented success in the short-load concrete business. Hundreds of Cart-Away locations deploy thousands of concrete mixing trailers to job sites all around North America. Some of these operators go the extra mile to show higher levels of quality.

Clean equipment – Quality reputation

Portable concrete mixer with splash guard installed

Splash guards save clean-up time

With just a few simple procedures in place the portable concrete mixer can stay clean.  We have seen over and over again that displaying a quality image pays off with higher revenues.

Clean and well-operating equipment tells your customers that you care about their concrete project.


The following are a few things that are used to keep up a great public image with your trailer fleet.

Stop Concrete buildup

Concrete build up

Many of the best practices should begin when you have new mixer added to your fleet. But you can also set procedures that will bring older trailers back to life.

  1. Remove Build up
  2. Charge a Cleaning Fee and then enforce your policy.
  3. Use a good Pressure Washer
  4. Spray the Splash Zone on every trip
  5. Use Splash Guards
  6. Remove Build up Every Day

Remove Build up

Concrete splatter sticks to almost everything. If not chemically protected, each layer will add to the last build up until your trailer will become a ball of concrete. This build up can be removed, but it will take some time and elbow grease. There are chemicals that can assist, or you can have it sand blasted off. Blasting usually requires removing the drum and many of the components, and it is expensive.  Chemicals can do a great job removing concrete build up if you are willing to put in some effort.

Over the years Cart-Away has tested many different chemical concrete removers. In 2019 we came across one of the best solution for concrete removal. The magic in this systems is the FOAM. A combination of aggressive chemical action and a foaming applicator has created Cart-Away’s Blast-Away.  VIDEO HERE.

We have used Blast-Away in both light and heavy concrete build up situations.  The foaming sprayer is designed to apply Blast-Away so that the chemicals stay on the surface and really “dig-in”. This product is available in 5-gallon and 55-gallon containers.

Trailer Cleaning Fee

You must ask your customers to participate in your cleanliness efforts. Informing users that you want them to help you maintain the trailers. You charge a clean deposit or fee so that everyone will know that you are serious about cleanliness and quality. THEN…YOU MUST ENFORCE THE POLICY in order for it to be effective.

Here are some examples of Cleaning Statements displayed on signs at sales counters and on websites:

In Utah: “Concrete trailer must be returned clean. Rinse several times. Leave 10-15 gallons of water in trailer. Needs to be clean, clear water when returning trailer. There will be a $75 cleaning fee if it’s not clean and clear water.”



Pressure Wash Often

The best operators ask their employees to pressure wash after each trailer return. It takes some more time and effort, but it does make a huge difference in keeping things clean. Those who do this find that they keep ahead of the build up and show better maintenance.

There are protective chemicals that can be applied to the trailer that will make the pressure cleaning much quicker.

Spray the Splash Zone

1-yard concrete mixer splash zone

Cart-Shield on Splash Zone

Cart-Away trailers have a “Splash Zone” where concrete is more likely to building up.  Targeting this zone with a concrete-killing chemical will greatly ease the clean up processes. Cart-Shield was specifically designed to kill the concrete curing process in the Splash Zone.

Fill a small pump-sprayer with Cart-Shield and then apply it to the splash zone before the trailer leaves with a load of concrete. The chemical will keep the cement from bonding to the surfaces that you spray. This product will save you hours of pressure washing and chipping.  VIDEO

Use Splash Guards

Keeping the concrete from splashing on the axles, fenders and taillights is the job of the Splash Guard. It is like putting a “Bib” on your mixer. The guard moves with the tilting frame so that the wet concrete hits the rubber bib and not the trailer components.  If you look at the red trailers at the top of this page you will see how effective these guards are in keeping the lower trailer clean. The rubber takes the splash and is much easier to wash down. Mounting the Splash Guards and using Cart-Shield regularly can make your fleet look just like the red fleet of mixers shown above. The picture was taken at an extremely busy landscape yard that sells thousands of yards of ready-mix. They use each of the procedures that we have outlined on this page.

Now is the time to implement the policies and practices to STOP THE BUILD UP.