Success Snapshots – Rental Tour

Over 25-years and more than 400 locations

Cart-Away has a long history of success in rental locations. The following video snapshots will give you a flavor of how rental equipment operators make huge profits selling ready-mixed concrete.

These short videos were taken during one of our North American customer appreciation tours. Call our office for a complete Cart-Away Market Analysis on your rental location – 888-649-5464

After 25 years of industry-leading quality, there are now thousands of our mixing trailers around the world, saving contractors, municipalities, and homeowners on short-load fees while also providing a strong source of revenue and competitive differentiation for landscape supply companies, lumber yards, equipment rental companies, and short-load concrete specialists. The short-load concrete industry is booming right now. Our customers continue to have record sales, in spite of the current pandemic. Maybe now is the right time for you to take control and/or profit in the short-load industry?

Learn how our customers have been adding $100K-$3M a year in additional revenue by adding short-load ready-mix to their product offerings. For 25 years we have helped over 400 landscape supply yards, lumber yards, equipment rental companies, and dedicated short-load ready-mix companies participate in the $2 billion short load industry. If we can answer any questions you may have, please don’t hesitate to message us.

All Star Rents in Sparks, NV is a part of a 12-store rental equipment chain. These rental stores have offered Cart-Away concrete services for over 20-years and serve most of northern California and western Nevada. Short-load concrete is a major revenue source for many rental and building supply locations around the country.

A To Z Rentals has been selling Cart-Away concrete for many years. They have a very good business operation with a large fleet of mixing trailers. I noticed how very clean that they keep everything. This trailer was just returned by a customer and it is being moved to their cleaning station. It will be pressure washed, inspected, fueled and put back in the line-up for the next customer. They have found that keeping the equipment clean adds to to the image of quality that they are known for in San Antonio. They know that the logos and phone numbers on the drum are a critical element to their success. Cart-Away provides cleaning systems to assist in maintaining a very clean fleet. Cart-Shield and Blast-Away are a must for maintaining your concrete equipment fleet.

Cart-Away concrete has a 25-year history of success in rental locations. But some rental companies do an extra great job selling concrete. One of these rental stores is in Amarillo, Texas. A-Team Rentals started with Cart-Away in 2008 and has steadily added trailers to their fleet. Their sales grow every year and they now have a dedicated Cart-Away location across the street from the main store. Annual revenues are very impressive and they report that on Saturdays there are trucks lining both sides of the street waiting for the gates to open. Here is a short video of their concrete yard on a 20-degree winter afternoon.

We have watched this niche in the ready-mix industry for the past 30-years. We have witnessed the effects of several ups and downs in the market on short-load concrete demand. Cart-Away operators make money from both good economies and the bad. Taylor Rents in Texas was very happy that they had Cart-Away concrete sales during the bad 2008-09 economy. It helped to pull them through. Today they are reaping the great rewards of a booming economy. Ready-mix sales continue to grow and they have added to their trailer fleet over the years. Concrete sales become a major force in driving revenues and growing the customer base.

We are always impressed when they tell us that a full 50% of their annual revenue comes from selling Cart-Away concrete. Demand for concrete is growing and big companies hate small loads. The busier that local big ready-mix companies get the more money Cart-Away locations are putting into the bank. If the US government decides to spend Billions of dollars in fixing infrastructure, then concrete sales are going to skyrocket… Nobody has a crystal ball, but think about this logically: Cart-Away locations will become THE place to get small loads of concrete when the big guys only have time for big projects. Get in now!

Cart-Away operators can count on a steady flow of regular concrete users. AA Rental has concrete contractors and utilities that get several trailer loads of concrete every day. This is a strong rental operation that has been selling concrete for many years. We estimate that they do more concrete volume at this store than at any other location in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Large fleet of trailers and a 2-hopper automated loading system supports their ready-mix sales business.

Bledsoe Rentals has two locations selling Cart-Away concrete in the Kansas City metro. This video is of the Lee’s Summit location. They use a dry loading system in Olathe and here in Lee’s Summit they use a much older wet loading system. Both locations have a fleet of Cart-Away mixing trailers to serve customers. They do a bunch of concrete sales with the local cities ( I saw two city trucks in to pick up while there). You will also notice the number of powered concrete buggies that they have for rental. When you do Cart-Away concrete you also benefit from many other sales or rental opportunities. This is why selling ready-mix concrete is such a powerful addition to an established business.

@iRent in Brownsville Texas has been very successful with the addition of concrete sales to their business. They use a Cart-Away LoadPro material loading system and 1.75 cubic yard mixing trailers. They also have added concrete deliver to their services. They have a couple of trucks that will tow out the mixer for their customers. There are many ways to make money with Cart-Away.

We stopped by Anderson’s Rental in Blue Springs, Missouri the other day. He has a very strong concrete sales business using his two-hopper plant and several Cart-Away mixing trailers. His customer base includes most of the municipalities in the area and dozens of contractors during the week. His weekend sales are filled with DIYers and professionals doing side-jobs. He started many years ago with a wet-mixing batch plant that came off from a volumetric truck, but that quickly fell apart and he upgraded to a Cart-Away dry batching system. He has had the Cart-Away system for over 10-years and is really making money! If you are considering the choice of wet-batching or doing the dry system, he would be the guy to visit with.

I stopped by a high volume Cart-Away location in Salem Oregon today. They have 1-yard and 1.75-yard mixing trailers in their fleet. Even on a rain day they had two trailers out. Yard guy says that they have all of the trailers in and out every day – rain or shine!

The Cart-Away system uses these towable concrete mixers and a material loading machine to deliver ready-mix concrete to their customers. This video shows how bulk cement is added to the storage silo (20′ tall cylinder). At Bledsoe Rentals in Olathe KS the cement delivery truck is blowing in a truckload of powdered cement into the silo. Like other industries, purchasing cement in bulk creates the best possible profits for a Cart-Away service. Bledsoe Rentals has used Cart-Away to add profits to their successful business for decades.

As I watched this 1.75-yard Cart-Away mixer leave Arentco Rental & Sales today I was reminded of how some companies view product advancement. One look at their operation and you can tell that they have it all together. This company started in concrete many years ago and have continually improved their ready-mix offerings. They converted this older “wet-mix” plant that was used to load tub trailers into a dry-loading system to load mixing trailers. Then they started adding larger capacity trailers to their existing 1-yard mixer fleet. Now they are adding more of the 1.75-yard mixers to the fleet of delivery trailers.

Higher sales volume is the reward for making these improvements on behalf of their customers. By paying attention to the changes and then acting to improve is what creates a successful operation. Hats off to Arentco and others who make this type of progress happen.

Watch this drone video of Bobcat Central Inc. / Central Valley Rentals in California. They have a Cart-Away batch system and a fleet of concrete mixing trailers. They do a great business with this addition to their rental company.

Our friends up at Ideal Rent-All in Mount Vernon Washington have a new PortaBatch up and running. If you are in the Mount Vernon area, come on in and check out their equipment and short-load concrete services. The PortaBatch is a relatively new addition to the Cart-Away product line up. It has all of the features of a fully automated Cart-Away batching system, but with added portability. With a simple push of a button, you can dispense 1-yard of concrete materials every 2-minutes. And with the self-contained power system and forklift pockets, you can move it anytime and go anywhere for batching.

The PortaBatch is fully self-contained, with an 11,000lb cement silo, 6-yard sand, and gravel hopper and a standard 31hp gasoline engine. The PortaBatch uses the time-tested Cart-Away TouchBatch operating system that allows you to select a batch size and cement ratios at the touch of a finger. You can be set-up and making concrete in less than an hour. Simply remove the PortaBatch from the truck, load in 11,000lbs of Portland cement from super-sacks, fill the 6-yard hopper with sand and gravel, back up a mixer, start the engine, type in your batch and push go.

You can use the PortaBatch system for supporting a U-cart style delivery business, remote location batching, or job site mixer loading. If you are in a rental business, this machine will give the option of renting not only the trailers but also an entire on-site ready-mixed system.

Our friends at AAA U Rent It, an equipment rental company in Fort Smith Arkansas have been incredibly busy. Even with a population of just 80k, they keep five mixing trailers and an automated batch plant busy. The time has never been better to get into this business.

Lone Star Rental offers Cart-Away concrete in the communities of Andrews County Texas. They have a wonderful business and they service the entire county of 18,000. They have a fully automated 2-hopper Cart-Away material loader, cement silo and 5 mixing trailers. They report that their three 1.75-cubic yard mixers are the most popular in the county. I was so impressed with how clean they keep their equipment. Cart-Away systems are proving themselves successful in markets of all sizes.

The Cart-Away self-delivery business model works very well with many business operations. Stand-alone locations, rental yards, landscape centers and various building supply businesses make big money with a Cart-Away system.

We visited U-Turn Rentals LLC in Wichita and found one of the busiest locations we have seen in a while. It was a Saturday morning just after opening. They have 14 Cart-Away trailers in their fleet and by 8am all but two of them were out pouring concrete. I watched them come and go for about 1-hour. By 9am all trailers were out or just returning for another load. There was a line of trucks waiting for trailers and employees were running to keep up. Thousands of dollars in sales from Cart-Away concrete flowed into their cash registers on this single day.

Needless to say this business is thrilled with their return on investment. They are busy all week long. U-turn also has a full-sized batch plant and a couple of large ready-mix trucks. They are very proud that they are the “king of concrete equipment rental” in Wichita.

Selling ready-mix concrete has a strong history within the equipment rental industry, starting in the 1970’s. We Rent It has been selling concrete to contractors and municipalities in St. Louis for a couple of decades. The trailer at the center of this video has been working from the beginning. Cart-Away equipment is built with the quality needed to survive years of “rental” service. We Rent It continues to upgrade, add trailers and grow revenues.