TopLoader: The All-in-One Option

The Cart-Away TopLoader is a convenient option that turns the skid mount portable concrete mixer into an all-in-one field mixer and an overhead conveyor with mounting legs attached to the tilt-frame of either a 1.25-yard or 1.75-yard Skid Mixer.
The conveyor provides a way to load your sand, gravel, and cement into the drum without separate loading equipment.  This creates an all-in-one portable batch plant. There is a hook-up for water with a digital water meter to measure your water content in the drum.
You can use a tractor bucket or a super-sack to load this useful mixer option. Ask your Cart-Away mixer specialist about creating the perfect field mixer with the TopLoader option.

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  • For 1.75 or 1.25 Yard Mixer

  • Water System with a digital flow meter

  • Water spigot for a washdown hose

  • Hydraulic Driven Belt

  • Mounted to Tilt Frame

  • Conveyor Belt with a dump zone of 18 ½” wide and 80” long

  • 5” High Wing Walls with rubber skirtboard

  • 4 greaseable bearings – front and rear

  • Diverter to move the material from the belt to the mixing drum


  • PortaWash

  • Discharge Chute

  • Hour Meter

  • Electric Start

  • Diesel Engine

  • Cart-Shield

  • PortaLoader System

  • SplashGuard

Convert Your Skid Mixer into a Convenient All-In-One Field Mixer.

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When you want your portable mixer to do more, let us build you a TopLoader. This option mounts on the skid mixer to turn it into a portable concrete batch plant.