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Fast and controlled volumetric mixing for large jobs

With a computer controlled 7-yard material hopper and a 13′ mixing auger, the Cart-Away Volumetric Mixer will produce 1-yard of concrete every four minutes.

Cart-Away has been producing fully automated volumetric mixers since 1993. With a 13′ blending auger a Cart-Away Automated Mixer (CAM), can keep mixing as long as you keep aggregates in the hopper and cement in the silo. Precast operators love the flexibility of choosing the total mix volume needed per form. These mixers deliver a yard of mixed concrete at the end of the auger in just 4-minutes.

We can produce single hopper or double hopper mixers. You can choose a pad-mounted 200 barrel cement silo, a portable silo or an even a mini-silo to hold your cement. We have had customers request portable continuous mixing solutions in the one-hopper configuration.


  • Empty Weight: 6000 lbs

  • Dimensions: 8’ W x 10’ H x 20’ L

  • 9” x 13“ Hydra-Mix auger

  • Heavy Duty Duckback Rubber Trough

  • High Speed, High Torque Hydraulic Drive

  • 5-7 yds hopper storage

  • 15 HP – 3 phase Drive Motor

  • Triple Pump System

  • 30 Gal Hydraulic Reservoir

  • Low Pressure Hydrualic Lines

  • 8’ or 8’8” aggregate hopper load-over height


  • Vac-Away

  • Guidlers

  • Cart-Shield

  • Quad Pump System

  • 200 Bbles Upright Silo

  • 200 Bbles Portable Silo

  • 30 Bag Mini Silo

Options Available for the Continuous Auger:

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Volumetric mixing technology has been in the Cart-Away/U-cart DNA since 1982. Let us create an efficient auger mixer for your specific needs.