Mining Application:
Total Project = 98 yards

The Teck Cominco Mine in Northern Washington needed several concrete slabs poured approximately 7.5 miles underground. They tried a contractor mixer and 80# pre-mixed bags of concrete. But with about 100 yards to pour, it became apparent that they would never make their deadlines and would wear-out several employees. They contracted with a site-mix concrete company to solve the problem. And the solution was a combination of the C.U.B.E. 150 and pre-mixed concrete in super sacks. Super sacks of the dry mix were delivered to the C.U.B.E. 150 deep in the mine.

“It saved us a lot of hours over our previous mixing method… It saved us so many manpower hours!”

The C.U.B.E. 150 conveyor was removed so that they could load super sacks and they ordered the optional diesel engine. The crew used a large Gradall to move the C.U.B.E. 150 from the material loading area out over the forms to pour the 13-yards per slab. Using the super sacks allowed them to get the specification mix down to a yard every six minutes.

“The C.U.B.E. 150 worked just fine. It is a good size for working underground and we mixed 98 yards without any breakdowns!”

By comparison, it took 7 hours to pour 6 yards with the contractor mixer using 80# bags. Using a small contractor mixer left no time in the day to set forms and rebar for the next pour, wasting an extra day. Using the C.U.B.E. 150 allowed for more than twice the volume of ready-mix to be poured in a shift with enough time left over to do the form sets and steel for the next slab!

“By utilizing the C.U.B.E. 150 the bid was completed successfully and the job completed quickly”.

The C.U.B.E. 150 was moved down into the mine in the bed of a one-ton long-bed pick-up. Because the C.U.B.E. 150 is only 4 feet wide it easily slips between the wheel wells of the truck. With the tailgate down and proper safety marking, the unit can be transported hundreds of miles this way. Unloading the truck was accomplished by forking or hoisting from the top rails or the lifting corners.

Estimated Cost Savings: $11,600