Success Snapshots – Material Supply Tour

Over 25-years and more than 400 locations

Cart-Away has a long history of success in material supply locations. The following video snapshots will give you a flavor of how landscape and building supply operators make huge profits selling ready-mixed concrete.

These short videos were taken during one of our North American customer appreciation tours. Call our office for a complete Cart-Away Market Analysis on your rental location – 888-649-5464

After 25 years of industry-leading quality, there are now thousands of our mixing trailers around the world, saving contractors, municipalities, and homeowners on short-load fees while also providing a strong source of revenue and competitive differentiation for landscape supply companies, lumber yards, equipment rental companies, and short-load concrete specialists. The short-load concrete industry is booming right now. Our customers continue to have record sales, in spite of the current pandemic. Maybe now is the right time for you to take control and/or profit in the short-load industry?

Learn how our customers have been adding $100K-$3M a year in additional revenue by adding short-load ready-mix to their product offerings. For 25 years we have helped over 400 landscape supply yards, lumber yards, equipment rental companies, and dedicated short-load ready-mix companies participate in the $2 billion short load industry. If we can answer any questions you may have, please don’t hesitate to message us.

Got a small concrete job? Stop paying those crazy short- load fees!! Stop waiting for a ready-mix truck! Control your schedule and reduce your costs with a Cart-Away Concrete mixing trailer. They come in 1-yard and 1-3/4 yard capacity. Give us a call today for a quote and to learn more.

Speede-Crete in Utah has a 18 Cart-Away concrete mixing trailers in their fleet. They have been very successful in ready-mixed concrete sales for over 20-years. They sell so much concrete each month that they have an extra cement storage silo on site. They make sure that they always having enough material to meet the high demand.

We are asked all the time – “Who uses Cart-Away concrete?” In depth customer surveys conducted at several locations indicate that contractors are the largest users, followed by municipalities and DIY’s. Others that make the list are people doing side-jobs and those working in agricultural businesses.

I was visiting at Blackburn and Associates the other day and talked with one of their regulars as their were loading a trailer for him. He does maintenance at a large factory in the Cedar City area and uses the mixing trailer for all sorts of repairs to their infrastructure.

He can get the small trailer into tight areas and buildings that standard RM trucks will not reach. He said that this service saves him high short-load fees and very long wait times. He mentioned that he cannot risk having holes sitting in their concrete floors, with forklifts going every which way. I loves the fact that when he opens a hole and gets it ready, he can run over to Blackburn and be back in no time at all.

There are a dozen or so locations around the country that have Cart-Away concrete as the only thing that they offer. No rental equipment, no bulk material, no brick and block or no lumber. They just sell small loads of concrete in a Cart-Away trailer, all day long. Here is U-tote-em in Greenville Texas. He has a fully automated material loader and 5 mixing trailers and serves a market of about 40,000. On the cold winter morning when I shot this video, he had already sent out three trailers and the fourth was heading out to a home improvement project about 40-minutes away.

All that U-tote-em has on the property is a small sales office, a storage shed, a Cart-Away loading plant, a pile of concrete aggregate and 5 trailers. He is very busy and highly pleased with the business model that he has chosen.

I have often wondered why more of our customers don’t have concrete paving in their material yards. They own a concrete production system – They will never get ready-mix at a better price than what they can produce with their own system.

Warrens Rock-N-Mulch has taken concrete paving to a new level. Their material yard has concrete everywhere, and it was all produced from their Cart-Away mixing system. So far they have laid concrete slabs under every bulk material bin, saving money on product loss due to contamination. They have used concrete to pave most of the approaches and driveways on their 7-acre lot. Concrete paving certainly makes for a cleaner, more inviting yard. They pour all of the concrete blocks that are used for the material storage bin walls.

Warren’s is a demonstration that you should fully utilize your Cart-Away ready-mix concrete asset. In the past 3-years they have mixed over 2,000 yards of concrete for these improvements. They have projects planned for at least 300 yards this season.

Between all of their own work, they continue to sell ready-mix to their customers in very large volumes. The profit from ready-mix sales more than pays for all of their own yard improvements. It is all a win-win.

They say that everything is big in Texas – Here is a huge rock yard in Mansfield. Rocky’s Stone & More Inc has a massive variety of materials and other support products. And they are expanding! They have the largest selection of stone in Texas. There is rock from all around the world. They rent dump trailers – Sell trailers – They have statuary – Barbeques – Gifts – Even a shipping container full of garden tools. This short video can’t capture the size of this place, and the many services that they provide. Very Impressive!

Cart-Away works well in all sorts of building material locations or construction related businesses. Adding concrete provides additional revenue and brings in new customers that would never know that you existed. This is a unique marriage – WA Paving covers roads and driveways in west Texas, and they sell Cart-Away concrete! They have a fully automated batch plant, along with a more portable conveyor loader. They use 1-yard and 1.75-yard mixing trailers. They do a great business, even though they are located on the very edge of town. One of the most creative combination of Cart-Away and Paving.

Texas Rock and Flagstone in Lubbock Texas is an excellent example of forward thinking material sales. They have opened a second location in this rapidly growing market. It really looks to me that Lubbock is exploding in growth and the local RM companies won’t deliver concrete unless you pay for at least 4-yards! This material yard has a huge selection with over 60 bins and many pallets of natural stone. Thanks for letting Cart-Away take some video.

Selling Cart-Away ready-mixed concrete has great synergies with a landscape material business. Here is a video of Cart-Away in the middle of the material piles a Prescott Dirt, LLC. They are a very forward thinking supplier in this valley. They lead in material sales because they offer several great services to their community.

Operating a Cart-Away concrete business allows you to expand into other profitable ventures. At Concrete Taxi they even use the “bring-back” concrete to cast retaining wall blocks. They have several forms that they fill whenever a customer has more concrete than they needed. They service the St. George area and do an absolutely mind-blowing volume of concrete from this very small yard. Cart-Away operators are some of the most creative people we have ever seen. In this cold climate area, Concrete Taxi has developed a hot water system so that customers can pour almost all year around.

All up and down the state of Utah there are Cart-Away locations that do nothing more than sell concrete in small trailers. It has been a stand-alone success story in finding a niche market and filling it. Here is a short video of Rolling Rock Concrete in St. George. He has 1-yard and 1.75-yard Cart-Away mixers and has been successfully serving the area for 16-years. He runs his location on a postage stamp and has trailers going in and out all day long, in all seasons.

A & A Stepping Stone Mfg. has 4 successful building material yards in Placer County. They have had trailer-based concrete for over 30-years. They started with tub trailers and converted over to the Cart-Away mixing trailers several years ago. I stopped by to say hello and to shoot this video. Thanks A&A for providing this great service to your community.

Curb Cart Concrete is a dedicated short-load concrete provider in Murray Utah. This very successful business runs 11 Cart-Away Concrete trailers, including several 1.75 yard CMK’s. If you are in Salt Lake or Utah Valley and need a short load of concrete, head over to Curb Cart Concrete at 4758 S, Commerce Dr, Draper, UT.

Our friends at Superior Supplies Inc. Ready Mix Concrete are running ready-mix trucks and Cart-Away Concrete mixing trailers. Not only do they offer spec concrete in volume via their trucks but they have recently added scales to their trailer loading system and are offering short-load spec concrete. If you are in Santa Rosa, these are your guys for all of your ready-mix needs.

Stop paying short load fees! Come see Castle and King Rock and Ready Mix and their thriving shortload concrete business. From 1 yard mixing trailers to 5 yard trucks, if you need a short load of concrete in the Vacaville area, these are your guys.

Here is a 1-yard Cart-Away trailer leaving for a project at the Paradise School District offices. Using this service saves the district the short-load fees and they don’t have a crew waiting around for a transit-mix truck. They are in several times a week for small concrete fixes at the schools around Paradise, California.

Here is EnviroWorks in New Mexico. In the morning he stages all of his trailers in front of the automated batch plant and cement silo. His customers back up to his trailers with their trucks. He then swings the loading conveyor over to each trailer and in 2-minutes each of his customers are on their way with a load of ready-mix concrete. He repeats this same process all day long. Most of these Cart-Away locations make a profit of more than $100 with each loaded trailer. This is a great way to be in the Ready-mix business, but without the really expensive trucks – Smaller, Lighter, JUST AS TOUGH

West Side Hitch N Go can fill a 1-yard mixing trailer in two-minutes. All of the water, cement, sand, and gravel travels up the conveyor and into the Cart-Away mixing trailer drum. The batch plant is completely computerized. Cart-Away batch plants can even produce a batch ticket for you. Smaller. Lighter. Just as Tough!

West Side Hitch N Go has been a high revenue producing location in New Mexico for over 15-years. Here is one of their regular customers coming back for another load of Cart-Away concrete. He backs up to the loading conveyor and then Chris moves the conveyor over to load the drum. Smaller. Lighter. Just as tough!

Many customers want to add fiber reinforcing into the Cart-Away concrete mixer. We provide water-soluble bags of both fiber and concrete chemicals. They just toss in the bag, wet it down and it mixes into the concrete as the trailer moves down the road to the job site. These bags can be used to accelerate the set-time, delay the set-time or add air into the mix.

Customers use their own trucks to pull the mixing concrete off to their jobsite. This guy comes into La Luz regularly for using concrete in his business.

La Luz Cart-Away sells ready-mix concrete in New Mexico. They also use the system for casting concrete retaining wall blocks.

Here is a shot of the JPR fleet of Cart-Away mixing trailers in New Mexico. Customers drive in and pull away the JPR concrete mixers to deliver thier own concrete.

There are many people looking for a way to add something that will help build America back strong. JPR is a New Mexico building material supplier who has added Cart-Away with great success.