NOTE: It is recommended that you schedule your memorial sets and prepare several sites before mixing a batch of concrete.


  • Shovel
  • Post hole digger
  • Tape Measure
  • Level
  • 4 re-enforced steel bars 30″ in length
  • Steel bar, mesh or fiber reinforcement
  • Wire twist ties (for steel bars)
  • Hammer
  • Empty coffee can or PVC pipe 6″-8″ in diameter (for grave markers with a vase)
  • Cart-Away Mixing Trailer

Step 1 – Using a tape measure, measure out the size of the grave marker on the grave space where it is to be set. Measure an inch more on each side to give the grave marker enough play when setting it down. Example: If the grave marker is 24″ x 12″ then make the outline 26″ x 14″.

Step 2 – With the shovel dig the outline of the grave marker. After this is done, then start excavating the dirt and setting it to the side. Dig down as deep as the marker is in thickness plus an additional 4″-6″. The total depth will be around 8″-10″

Step 3 – Using a post hole digger, dig two piers approximately 24″ deep and 6″ in width on the outer ends of the pad. Please note if the marker has a vase, then place the pier holes toward the bottom of the pad.

Step 4 – Place 2 of the re-enforced steel bars in each hole and use the hammer to set them down far enough so that only 3″ of the bar rises above the surface. Then place the steel mesh at the bottom and tie it to the steel bars with metal twist ties. Note: If the grave marker has a vase unit, then dig a shallow hole in its place (normally at the top center portion of the grave marker). Set the coffee can or PVC sleeve in its place before proceeding to the next step. The sleeve can be removed after 2-3 hours after the concrete sets up.

Step 5 – Use a wheelbarrow to move the mixed concrete from the concrete mixing trailer to the grave sites.

Step 6 – Once everything is ready to proceed to pour the mixed concrete into the ground leaving enough space for the grave marker to set flush approximately 4″ from the top.

Step 7 – Using a small board smooth the surface of the wet concrete so the marker will set flat when installed. You can use the level at this stage to ensure the concrete is level.

Allow 1-2 days for concrete to dry and then install the grave marker in its place. It is recommended that the marker be flush with the surface to ensure mowers will not damage the edges of it.