Skweez Pump

Washout Trailer

NamePart No.DimensionWeight (KGS)
Concrete Mixing Trailers
CMT – 1 Yard Mixing TrailerCMT-100170.18cm W x 208.28cm H x 467.36cm L1106.76
CMK – 1.75 Yard Mixing Trailer MixKingCMK-175170.18cm W x 208.28cm H x 467.36cm L1224.7
Skid Mount Concrete Mixers
CPS125 – 1.25 Yard SkidMount MixerCPS125121.92cm W x 205.74cm H x 368.3cm L1020.58
CPS175 – 1.75 Yard SkidMount MixerCPS175121.92cm W x 205.74cm H x 368.3cm L1111.3
SBCM 1.25- Small Batch Concrete MixerSBCM149.86cm W x 208.28cm H x 360.68cm L
All-In-One Concrete Mixers
CUBE – Portable Concrete Batching SystemCUBE 150121.92cm W x 198.12cm H x 335.28cm L1632.93
Elec CUBE – Portable Batching SystemCUBE-150E152.4cm W x 198.12cm H x 335.28cm L1741.79
CUBE 300 – Portable Batching SystemCUBE-300
CUBE 300T+ – Portable Batching SystemCUBE-300T+
Loading Systems
CBL1 – Single Hopper UnitCBL-1228.6cm W x 259.08cm H x 289.56cm L2267.96
CBL2 – Double Hopper UnitCBL-2228.6cm W x 259.08cm H x 548.64cm L3175.14
CAS – Cement Storage SiloCAS304.8 Dia x 609.6 H1814.37
PortaBatch233.68cm W x 259.08 H x 182.88cm L3129.787
CMD – Mix and Deliver w/powerCMD91.44cm W x 121.92cm H x 205.74cm L680.39
CMD – Mix and Deliver (In Crate)CMD96.52cm W x 124.46cm H x 220.98cm L544.31
CDA – Cement Delivery AugerCDA60.96cm W x 60.96cm H x 320.04cm L181.44
CBH – Cement Silo BaghouseCBH106.68cm W x 213.36cm H x 106.68cm L317.51
CLP – Low Volume Loader – LoadProCLP182.88cm W x 198.12cm H x 426.72cm L1020.58
CLC – Load ConveyorCLC76.2cm W x 60.96cm H x 396.24cm L453.59
Top Loader option for Skid MountsCTL88.9cm W x 114.3cm H x 205.74cm L326.59
Top Loader option w/PowerPack88.9cm W x 114.3cm H x 205.74cm L508.02
Other Equipment
Skweez Pump 2″243.84cm W x 121.92cm H x 134.62cm L861.83
Skweez Pump 1.5″208.28cm W x 93.98cm H x 86.36cm L498.95
Tub Trailer165.1cm W x 142.24cm H x 561.34cm L607.81
Washout Trailer444.5cm W x 139.7cm H x 210.82cm L635.03
HS Classification Number:8474.31.0000
USA Originating Goods
Pallets (if necessary):Timber treated and marked in compliance with ISPM 15


Equipment Dimensions and Weights
NameDimentionWeight (LBS)
CBL1 – Single Hopper Unit9’6″L x 7’6″W x 8’6″H5000
CBL2 – Double Hopper Unit18’L x 7’6″W x 8’6″H7000
CMT – 1 Yard Mixing Trailer15’4″L x 5’7″W x 6’10″H2440
CMK – 1.75 Yard Mixing Trailer MixKing15’4″L x 5’7″W x 6’10″H2700
CUBE150 – Portable Batching System11’L x 4’W x 6’6″H3600
PortaBatch7’ 8” W x 8’ 6” H x 21’ 6” LH6900
Elec CUBE150E – Portable Batching System11’L x 5’W x 6’6″H3840
CUBE 300 – Portable Batching System177.49″L x 64″W x 101.3″H5940
CUBE 300T+ – Portable Batching System196.4″L x 64″W x 88.55″H4480
CPS125 – 1.25 Yard SkidMount Mixer12’1″L x 4’W x 6’9″H2250
CPS175 – 1.75 Yard SkidMount Mixer12’1″L x 4’W x 6’9″H2450
SBCM 1.2511’10″L x 4’11″W x 6’10″H
CAS – Silo10’L x 10’W x 20’H4000
CMD – Mix and Deliver w/power6’9″L x 3’W x 4’H1500
CMD – Mix and Deliver (In Crate)7’3″”L x 3’2″W x 4’1″H1200
CDA – Cement Auger10’6″L x 2’W x 2’H400
CBH – Baghouse3’6″L x 3’6″W x 7’10″H700
CLP – Low Volume Loader LoadPro14’L x 6’W x 6’6″H2250
CLC – Load Conveyor13’L x 2’6″W x 2’H1000
Top Loader option6’9″L x 2’11″W x 3’9″H720
Top Loader option w/PowerPack6’9″L x 2’11″W x 3’9″H1120
Skweez Pump 2″8’L x 4’W x 4’6″H1900
Skweez Pump 1.5″82″L x 34″W x 37″H1100
Tub Trailer5’5″L x 4’8″W x 15’5″H1340
Washout Trailer14’7″L x 4’7″W x 6’11″H1400