Cube 150 in Action

“We originally planned to have two mixers working on this project.
But the C.U.B.E. 150 proved to be so efficient we sent the other mixer back”

Moses Hernandez
Classic Tejas Construction

“We can produce 25 to 30 tons of mix each day with the C.U.B.E. 150
This allows our crews to yield very high production rates, which should translate into better profits.”

Bill Wortman
Wortman Construction Services

The Cart-Away C.U.B.E. 150 mixer and the Quikrete bulk delivery system are assisting a contractor to build custom retaining walls in Texas.

One C.U.B.E. 150 can service two bulk-bag silos. This allows the contractor to mix mortar and grout in the same mixer. The two augers drop the dry materials from the bulk silos unto the upper conveyor of the C.U.B.E. 150 allowing the operator to quickly batch in 1.5-yard loads for his crews. The mixed materials are dumped from the mixing drum into a skid steer bucket for distribution to the masons.

The C.U.B.E. 150 Mixes for Special Projects

“Our company had a project that required a unique piece of equipment. We needed a mixer that would blend quality batches of a proprietary material for special project. After searching extensively for an acceptable machine, I found the CUBE 150 made by Cart-Away Concrete. We rented a CUBE 150 from Cart-Away for three months. We completed our project with ease.

Although CUBE 150 was designed for mixing concrete, we found it mixed our material consistently making it easier to produce a quality product. Cart-Away conducts their business in a professional and courteous manner. I highly recommend the CUBE 150 from Cart-Away, especially if you have a need to batch concrete where it is not possible or feasible to truck concrete to the job site.”

J Teller
Oldcastle Precast

NOTE: Oldcastle Precast has rented a CUBE 150 on three different occasions for mixing special projects in two different locations