When Global Tower Service needed a cell tower foundation poured in the top of the Chuckwalla Mountains, they turned to the Cart-Away CUBE. The remote location and the need to pour over 30 cubic yards of concrete made this portable cement mixer a very practical solution. Getting a ready-mixed truck to the site was not cost-effective and using a smaller contractor mixer would have slowed the construction progress to a crawl. When the cell tower project had ended, Cart-Away asked the project manager how the CUBE worked, and he came back with:

“That thing is awesome! It worked out perfectly!”

The Global Tower crew set the CUBE on the deck of their flatbed truck so that they would have portability. The truck allowed them to move the mixer closer to each of the pour sites. They also used super-sacks to put the raw materials onto the CUBE’s integrated loading conveyor. They employed their telehandler to deliver the super-sack mix over the top of the truck and to the conveyor loading area.

Once the concrete was blended in the drum, the crew again turned to the high-reach telehandler to move a 1-yard concrete bucket under the CUBE to distribute the wet concrete into the forms. Building a cell tower up in the mountains is an exercise in good construction logistics, and Global Tower has proven that they have the resources and the tools to get the job done. Cart-Away is pleased to know that the CUBE performed so well on this project… Cart-Away Concrete Systems specializes in developing and manufacturing robust portable concrete mixing solutions. For more information contact us at 800-909-9809.