Why Cart-Away Leads the Portable Concrete Mixer Market

1-yard concrete mixer drum by Cart-AwayEvery drum that slides onto the steel shaft of a gearbox is slathered with anti-seize. This important but hidden process illustrates the reason why Cart-Away Concrete Systems maintains the leadership position in the portable concrete mixer marketplace.

A Culture of Customer-focused Improvements

The anti-seize is applied so that the customer can easily remove the drum in the future.  This process was started several years ago because an early customer had difficulty removing 1990’s Cart-Away drum.

The Cart-Away drum will last for decades, so the application of the anti-seize is an example of the extreme long term thinking. Listening to customer concerns and then spending resources to make improvements are the pillars of the Cart-Away product development culture.

GearSaver knob for portable concrete mixersThe GearSaver system is another example of thinking about the customer’s pain and finding a solution. This system was developed by Cart-Away nearly 20-years ago. Unlike the anti-seize, the GearSaver is front and center on the Cart-Away mixers control panel. This feature reduces the stress on the gearbox as the drum turns. This knob saves the customer thousands of dollars in replacement costs. A simple handle would do the same job, but that has is proven to break gearboxes in mixing systems. Others still use this method for drum control, but that does not benefit the customer long term, so it is not the Cart-Away way.

Adding to this list of ongoing improvement are the plastic fenders and the SplashGuard.  Both of these are a direct result of the issues that actual users have experienced.  Many manufacturers don’t spend the time and resources to make the equipment last longer. They subscribe to the profit-driven reason to want the equipment to destroy itself and be replaced. At Cart-Away this idea runs contrary to our philosophy of always Demonstrating Results for our customers.  A demonstration of this ideas is that most of the Cart-Away mixers built in 1993 are still working today. This quality and customer support focus is why Cart-Away leads the pack.

Recent Improvements and the Future

Last year Cart-Away added an in-house powder coating facility so that the frames and drums can be produced to be more rugged and easier to clean. We know that selling ready-mix concrete requires great marketing within the community.  When people can easily read your logo and phone number, they will come to you for their small ready-mix needs. Finding ways to make clean-up easier to do demonstrates that Cart-Away wants our customers to find and keep as many profitable sales as possible.

Chemical to keep portable concrete mixers cleanThe Cart-Away parts department has added some great chemicals that assist with keeping the equipment clean. There is CartShield that is used to put a chemical “force field” on the metal surfaces so that the cement doesn’t stick. This spray is applied prior to the equipment leaving for the job site and then it allows the mixer to be clean when it gets back to the yard.

Occasionally it is important to make a complete clean up of the equipment. Cart-Away parts has included a foaming cleaner process called Blast-Away. Using this unique concrete cleaning system will take the equipment back to a like new condition.This foaming process is like putting thousands of little jackhammer bubbles onto the concrete build-up. Once a pressure washer is applied the equipment is clean.

Cart-Away is currently in development for a complete line of concrete cleaning equipment. Again, this plan is rooted in the same culture of customer support that started the anti-seize application.

Keep watching and you will see Cart-Away continuing to improve both hidden and visible support for customers.