Be aware that there are manufacturers of mixing trailers that are taking deposits from unsuspecting customers, promising delivery dates and then missing those dates by many weeks and keeping the money!


Here are the warning signs and what to do to for your protection:

1. Large Deposits (50%) to “hold your space” in production is code for “I don’t have the money so I am robbing Peter to pay Paul! If your vendor of mixing trailers requests this from you then you should request a signed performance agreement. This would include a financial penalty for going past their stated lead-time. CLICK HERE for an example of the agreement.

2. Long Lead-time (more than 5-7 weeks) means that they don’t have enough confidence in their own business to invest in some inventory to ensure your success. If they are really in the trailer business they should be able to send you time-stamped pictures of

their current inventory of trailers or of the work in progress. You will probably hear an excuse that goes something like this; “I am waiting on gearboxes from Italy” or “My hand valve manufacturer is way behind”. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Do not believe that a low price or some overstated feature is worth the hassles and the loss of revenue.

3. Wild Claims of large sales volumes or great experience that is designed to make you feel confident in their ability to perform. Call Cart-Away and we can give the names of people who will tell you from sad experience what they have learned from dealing with these risky manufacturers. We are the professionals in this industry and don’t want our reputation tarnished by the actions of others.

Please consider the cost of a delay in a promised delivery: A trailer that carries 2 yards a day at $100 in gross profit calculates to over $500 a week in lost profit. If you wait on these guys for a couple of months, you will have spent the equivalent of $2000-$3000 extra for your trailer. While you are twiddling your thumbs waiting, someone else collects interest on your money.

We do not want our industry to suffer because some people are just out to make a buck at your expense. Please make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase your equipment. We ask for minimal deposits. We usually have several trailers in stock year round and deliver on what we promise to you. We would be happy to have you come to our shop for a tour because we have nothing to hide. We have become the leader in this industry by over-performing for our customers and earning your business honestly.