The Largest Expansion of 1-yard Concrete Sales in Decades

exploding short-load concrete sales from Cart-Away 1-yard mixer

Never seen anything this BIG

There has been plenty of bad news during 2020, so we want to share some great news:

Concrete sales are exploding!  Concrete deliveries in the 1-yard to 3-yard “short-load” niche have been particularly strong. Cart-Away locations have experienced record sales volumes and Cart-Away manufacturing has been working overtime to build equipment to keep up.

We do acknowledge that other industries are really struggling due to all of the restrictions and shutdowns. We hope that the recent news from Pfizer and BioNTech, that they are showing a 90% effectiveness with their COVID 19 vaccine, will help people and industries to recover. THIS IS ALL GREAT NEWS!

We feel so grateful that concrete has remained strong through every economic and social challenge in recent history. Cart-Away’s position in the short-load concrete delivery market has been steadily growing over the past 6-years and is now exploding in 2020 and into 2021.

Expanding Opportunities

Our current customers are expanding their trailer fleets and updating their material loading capabilities to meet the growing demand. New locations are scrambling to get open and take advantage of this opportunity. Contractors and municipalities are ordering 1-yard, 2-yard and 3-yard concrete mixers to service the needs of the many concrete projects. As more people discover the advantages of using a delivery trailer to solve short-load issues, we will continue to see growth.

Cart-Away Steps on the Gas (or Diesel)

In November of this year we started a “pedal to the metal” driving tour of the West and Southwestern US. We have our diesel flatbed loaded with a portable material loader and we are towing a 1.75-yard concrete mixer down the road. Our goal is to see 500 Cart-Away locations or potential locations during the next 4-months. The image above was taken in the middle of nowhere Nevada. You can follow our adventures on the Cart-Away Facebook Page. This is a great country and we are proud to see a big part of it.

Cart-Away is determined to stay positive and build upon the opportunities that are exploding all around us. If you want to be a part of this short-load explosion, then give us a call and join us.