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On Board Water Option, 1 yard Mixer (OPT122)

On Board Water Option, 1 yard Mixer (OPT122)

The On Board (PortaWash) water system for a 1 yard trailer comes with the following:

1ea W116 – Hose Adapter, 1ea J327 – Battery Box, 1 ea J320 – Battery, 1 ea W223 – Bulkhead, 1ea W36 – Elbow, 1 ea J121 – Hose Holder, 1 ea W511 – Coiled Hose, 1ea J446 – Pump Label, 1ea W102 – Nozzle, 1ea W307 – Water Pump, 1ea C143 – Side Plate, 1ea C452 – Tank Strap, 1 ea E485 – Pump Switch, 1ea W403 – Water Tank, Wire and inline fuse. If purchased with new trailer, we add an electric start Engine to keep batter charged. System will work without the electric start engine, the battery will have to be charged between uses.


On board water system fits 1 Yard Trailers

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On Board Water Option


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