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Electric Start Engine (OPT118)

Electric Start Engine (OPT118)

Electric start Engine Option can be for all 1 & 1.75 yard trailers, CUBE150 mixers, and all 1.25 & 1.75 yard skid mount mixers, comes with the following:

1ea E100 – Positive Battery Cable, 1ea E101 – Negative Batter Cable, 1ea J320 – 12V Battery, 1ea J327 – Battery Box, 1ea M609 – Honda GX390 Electric Start Engine or similar Kohler Engine (Only comes with the engine when ordered on a new trailer. If added in the field, please order from local dealer).


Fits 1.75 Yard Trailers, CUBE150,  and 1.25 & 1.75 Skid Mount Mixers.

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