Preventive maintenance yields high resale value for portable concrete mixers

Cart-Away portable concrete mixers are built to provide years of quality service. They are designed with the rental market in mind, so they last for years. The 1-yard mixer trailer has been around since 1993 and thousands are working in construction every day.  Over the years some people have seen the value of maintaining their equipment more than others. Below is an example of what great preventive maintenance can produce.

2004 Portable Concrete Mixers

16-Year Old Trailers!

Extra high trade-in value

2004 portable concrete mixersThese used 1-yard mixers have each delivered thousands of yards of concrete , yet they look almost new! This level of cleanliness requires effort and discipline. These concrete mixing trailers prove that an extra focus on maintenance is worth the effort.
Five of these well-maintained trailers were scheduled to be upgraded by a Cart-Away customer. Cart-Away took these portable concrete mixers in on trade for the highest value that we have ever accepted before. Five new 2019 Cart-Away 1-yard concrete mixers are now receiving the excellent attention that this customer offers.

SOLD – Used portable concrete mixers

The Cart-Away Used Department went to work marketing these 16-year old trailers. They let the word out even before we finished production on the new replacement trailers. Within 1-week all five used trailers have sold.  Due to the great condition of these unit we did nothing more than send out the pictures and offered them for sale – They sold for over $12,000 each. These great trailers will provide their new owners with many additional years of service, if they choose to maintain them.

Good maintenance pays

portable concrete mixer cleanerThe Cart-Away Parts Department offers some very useful products to keep your portable concrete mixers at their highest level of value. We encourage you to use CartShield with every use of the mixer. This product creates a chemical layer between the concrete and the mixer parts.


Use Blast-Away concrete cleaner

For regular cleaning of any concrete build-up we suggest that you use our Blast-Away concrete cleaning system. Here is a video about Blast-Away: