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Welcome to the Cart-Away Parts Department. Maintain or improve your existing equipment with Cart-Away parts.  Explore the following Cart-Away parts options that will help your equipment last longer and save you time and money!

Cart-Away has a fully stocked parts department with parts to support U-cart, Trailer-Haul, and Cart-Away parts. We ship regularly with UPS and can ship UPS overnight. Our staff has over 70 years of experience in the trailered concrete industry. If you can’t find what you are looking for here on our parts page, call Jay Elkins for technical help as well as to order parts.

Can I order a part for a mixer I bought years ago?2020-05-20T02:31:28+00:00

Yes! We keep records of all our parts old and new.

What are my purchasing options?2020-05-20T02:31:09+00:00
  • Call us at 888-649-5464 and order over the phone.
  • Use the website to put together an order online.
  • We take all major credit cards.
  • You can fill out a credit application to establish a 30-day term.

These terms are available when purchasing parts. We do not offer these terms on equipment purchases.

What about trouble shooting assistance?2020-05-20T02:30:57+00:00
  • In addition to 70+ years of experience on Cart-Away Systems, our experts have field experience with Trailer Haul, U-cart, U-cart of America and Sunrise systems. We are happy to talk you through almost any problem that you can have. 
What manufacturers do you stock parts for?2020-04-08T18:52:49+00:00
  • Cart-Away
  • Trailer Haul
  • U-cart of America
  • U-cart 
  • Sunrise
Can I get a parts breakdown on the equipment?2018-07-09T20:39:49+00:00
  • Sure, just give us a call and we will get you access to our electronic parts books.
I’m not sure what part I need, how can I find out?2018-06-30T20:21:11+00:00

Give us a call at 800-909-9809 and we can help figure out what you need.

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Jay Elkins
Jay ElkinsParts Department
Welcome to the Cart-Away Parts Department. Our staff has over 70 years of experience in the trailered concrete industry.

Improve your existing equipment and shop options that can save you time and money!

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