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Washout Trailer

Washout The Right Way – The Easy Way!

This friendly self-contained portable concrete washout system is set a-top a trailer that can be easily towed by a pickup truck or be left at a job site for convenient access. This well-designed washout system eliminates the need to find specialty trucks or heavy cranes to remove washout from the job site. The on-board water tank, pump, hoses and plastic containers allow for various water and solids separation processes. This can be your rolling concrete-waste recycling center. Waste concrete can remain in the bin indefinitely and only needs to be dumped when the bin is full which is about 20-30 total washouts. top quality components from the best suppliers.
The washout tub can move into two positions depending upon use. The upper transport-position is for transit-mix washout and the lower position is for Cart-Away mixing trailers. The plastic grid-dividers in the washout tub separate the solids to make “pier-sized” disposable blocks. Water is pumped off the top into plastic containers for further settling and recycling. Water can be pumped into a mixing drum or into the holding tank. Hardened concrete waste is dumped from the tub using the “hand-tilt” function. This trailer comes completely assembled with the tub, tub cover, water tank, 5-HP, pump, valves, strainer, hoses, hook, buckets, and brush.
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  • Empty Weight: 1400 lbs.

  • Axle: 3500 lbs.

  • Dimensions: 14’7” L 4’7” H 6’11” W

  • Steel Tube Frame

  • Capacity: 20-30 Washouts

  • Wheels/Tires: 15” Load range C – 5” on 4 ½” bolts

Washout Spec Sheet

The Washout Trailer is the perfect compliment to many of our standard selection of mixers.

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The washout trailer is the perfect on-the-jobsite trailer that keeps you working and your job site clean. Call us today for a quote!

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