Vac-Away Dust Suction System

The loading of dry concrete ingredients creates some dust. In some areas, this “fugitive” dust must be controlled. Dust management is a multi-staged process, involving moisture inputs and more. The VacAway option is used on Cart-Away Automated Material Loaders for controlling and capturing the escaping dust.
The VacAway uses metal shrouds and covers to contain the dust until it can be vacuumed away to be filtered. The large industrial vacuum draws the airborne dust created from the movement of sand, gravel and cement powder. These particles are moved into a separate “BagHouse” where 8 air-filtering socks capture the dust.

The VacAway system in combination with the water spray system has been reviewed and accepted by some of the strictest air quality management agencies.

Your VacAway option can be ordered for a single or double hopper dry mix automated loaders.

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A Vac-Away Dust Suction System can be added to the following equipment:

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