Concrete Skweez Pump

The Simplified Concrete Pump

With the Cart-Away Skweez Pump the hose keeps the wear materials confined and prevents expensive metal parts from wearing. The only thing that wears is the rubber squeeze hose, and you just replace it. This 2” Cart-Away Skweez Pump will move about 6 yards of concrete an hour. Pump speed can be regulated with the hydraulic flow control.

The Cart-Away Skweez Pump moves concrete like squeezing a tube of toothpaste. The peristaltic action uses rollers that roll along a rubber tube, squeezing the material out through the hose. As the hose returns from a “squeeze”, it creates a vacuum, sucking the concrete from the hopper and refilling itself.

Cart-Away Skweez Pumps use a direct-drive hydraulic system that is powered by a 20HP Honda electric-start engine or similar Kohler engine.

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  • 1.5″ Pump or 2″ Pump Option

  • Steel Skid Frame

  • Strap or Chain Lifting Point

  • Hopper Capacity: ½-cubic yard

  • 13 hp Motor*

  • Dimensions: 8′ long, 4′ tall, 4.5′ wide

  • Empty Weight: 1900 lbs.

  • Shipping weight 1940 lbs.

  • Vibrating Screen weight 150 lbs (adds 12” to overall height of pump)

  • Vertical Pumping Distance– about 50’

  • Horizontal Pumping Distance– about 150’ with hose / 200′ with pipe

  • *Due to California regulation, all engine options may not be available. Please call for more information.

Skweez Pump Spec Sheet

Add-ons Available for the Skweez Pump:

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