The MD

Concrete MD: A Field Mixer and More

The Concrete MD is a versatile mixer with a unique discharge feature.
This mixer allows you to mix and deliver great concrete through a 6” tube. This portable concrete mixer can either be mounted to a tractor or set-up on its legs for concrete batching.

The MD is perfect for many projects

  • Fencing Mixer
  • Grout Mixer/Dispenser
  • Precast Mixer
  • Remote Batch Plant
  • Block Mixer
  • Soil Mixer

Easy to Operate

The mixing action comes from a dual-directional blending auger in the bottom of a rubber trough. The auger spins in two directions and can be reversed to re-blend the mix. Once the mixing is complete you simply open the bottom door and the tube dispenses your materials in a 6” area.
The Concrete MD is designed to make quality concrete in some of the most remote and demanding places on earth. Just choose the options that fit your needs and cure your concrete problems with the Concrete MD.

Quality Concrete even with Shovels and Buckets

By using simple recipes and consistent measuring, the Cart-Away Concrete M.D. (mixing ditch) will produce up to 1/2-yard batches of quality concrete, in even the most remote villages. And the mixer will work faster and produce better concrete than any other manual process.

The Concrete M.D. fits nicely into the common concrete production methods of the local workers. Their shovels will load the raw materials into the batch-boxes and their buckets will work for transporting the wet concrete to the forms.

Using an engine-powered hydraulic system; the counter-rotating auger can replicate and improve upon the action of several shovels blending the raw materials at the same time. The difference is that there is a consistency of mixture that shovels cannot produce. Concrete needs uniform blending in order to produce a strong mixture.

Dry Material Mixing

The Block MD cures the problem of blending dry powdery materials by using an aggressive mixing auger design. The paddle design mixes through very dry materials and blends the recipe well.

Wet Material Mixing

Measured batches of raw materials and cement are joined by water in the mixing chamber before going into the hydraulic block press.

Dispensing Tube

The 6” dispensing tube at the bottom of the mixing chamber allows workers to rapidly pour wet concrete directly into buckets or wheelbarrows for transport to the forms. A simple door controls the flow between bucket loads.

Perfect for Remote Locations

Quality block production can be accomplished with the MD and local unskilled labor. The highly portable MD allows blocks to be produced in remote locations. Well mixed block recipes can be used for building much faster than before. They reach full strength and become water resistant after a 28-day cure period.

Cart-Away Concrete Systems, Inc is the world leader in creating small concrete batching solutions. We have adapted one of our proven mixing processes to build a mechanical version of the mixing ditch to solve the concrete issues in the poorest countries of the world. This unit produces consistent mixes from a unique, yet simple batching process.


  • ½ Yd. Capacity

  • Heavy Duty Bearings

  • Skid Steer Quick-Attachment

  • Simple Auger Controls

  • Easy Discharge Door

  • Leg adjustment to Wheelbarrow height

  • Cement Bag Breaker

  • Debris Safety Screen

  • 2-Ply Industrial Rubber Mixing Area

  • Metal-Alloy Auger Protection

  • 10ga. Steel Construction

  • Stackable Design to Ease Shipping

  • 720 lbs (mixer unit)

  • 400 lbs (optional power unit)

  • 35”W by 45”H by 81”L (shipping)


  • Hour Meter, Gas or Diesel

  • Electric Start

  • Diesel Engine

  • Cart-Shield

  • Hydraulic Power Pack

  • Fork Pockets

  • Batch Buckets

  • Towing Package

Options Available for the MD:

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