Debunking Several Cart-Away Misconceptions

I spent some time thinking about common statements I hear as I am responding to Facebook messages and comments. I realized that for every misconception, there is the truth. Here are a few that I came up with. These all come from real Facebook comments that we get on our page.

Misconception #1: There’s no way to make a profit

Fact: Concrete is the second most consumed material in the world, after water of course. The fact that concrete is so widely used is what makes it so profitable. As a result, our customers are successful, with over 400 locations in the USA that are renting out trailers and selling concrete each day. Many of these people have become millionaires, because of investing in Cart-Away. Our customers have a great return on investment as well as high profits, year after year. The short-load market is booming. We will be sharing customer success stories this year, which we are excited for. In order to gauge the potential profits that your investment in Cart-Away can bring, we use the same service that the Big-Box stores use to gauge business success. This demographic service can generate 100’s of data points that will be helpful in seeing the potential for your business. This is a free service that we provide to anyone interested in getting started with Cart-Away. Once you make a purchase, the helpful guidance and services don’t stop. We have a full parts and service department that are ready to answer your questions and provide whatever help that they can.

Misconception #2: It’s better to use a traditional ready-mix company, even for small loads

Fact: Any amount of concrete under 10 yards is considered a short load, and this is where Cart-Away comes in. These short load fees can be anywhere from $40-60 per yard. Therefore, if a consumer needs 2 yards of concrete, that could be an extra $120. With the Cart-Away system, short load fees are non-existent. The consumer is hauling the concrete trailer themselves, with concrete purchased at the rental yard. The benefits certainly show. For the consumer, this means a short-load of concrete purchased with no short load fee. For the rental yard, profit that comes from their investment in Cart-Away. Moreover, short loads of concrete are not a priority for ready-mix companies, and tend to be delivered later in the day. This is an issue for projects with deadlines.With Cart-Away trailers, this problem goes away.

Misconception #3: I have to rent the trailer, and take it to a traditional ready mix place– what’s the point?

Fact: A common misconception that a lot of people have is that once they rent a Cart-Away trailer from the rental yard, they then have to take it to a ready-mix concrete supplier, fill it up, and then go to the job site. For those that simply purchase our trailers for individual use, this may be the case. However, at over 400 locations around the USA, you can rent a Cart-Away trailer, already filled with concrete. Once the job is completed, the trailer is returned. This is all done at the same place, so there is no need for the traditional ready-mix company. Our customers join over 400 locations in offering small loads of concrete to save contractors, municipalities and DIY’ers on short-load fees.