Company Updates

The beginning of this year has been very busy here at Cart-Away. Since January, we have had many new customers, and many new sales.

Our customers probably know Jay “The Parts Guy”. He has been so busy that we hired a second parts person to help out in the parts room last week. Shemiah will be in charge of selling parts proactively. In the near future, our customers will be getting calls from Shemiah, who will be proactive and anticipate which parts our customers might need.

The growth only continues. Also last week, we hired Ed, our third salesman. We are excited to welcome these two to our team here in McMinnville, Oregon, and we are excited for the rest of the year.

Our Standard

People frequently ask; “How can we keep our trailers clean?”.

The answer is in having a standard process for cleaning. You should partner with your customers to keep your fleet looking good.

You can create a shared-use model that is a working partnership between the trailer owner and the trailer user. We have found that damage and cleaning deposits are useful. This keeps the partnership between the rental yard and the customer well defined, and the trailers stay clean. After 25-years in the business, we have found that the “broken window theory” fits exactly with managing Cart-Away trailer businesses. Try to refrain from allowing messy trailers to leave the yard. If people see a dirty trailer, they will assume that it’s okay to return them dirty.

We recommend a deposit of $100-$150 on every trailer, as well as a $50 damage deposit. Collect these up front, and explain that they are to ensure that everyone has a clean and safe trailer to use.

When a trailer returns from a job site clean and un-damaged, you should return both deposits in full. If they bring the drum back without cleaning, keep the cleaning deposit as the fee to bring the unit back up to rentable condition. The damage deposit might be kept if they break a tail light. Both the damage and the cleaning deposits might be kept if they bring back an extremely dirty trailer. When an extremely dirty trailer is returned, the finish is usually damaged. Our experience is that if you enforce your policies, the word will spread and people will recognize that you are serious.


Keeping Trailers Clean

We offer a product, called Cart Shield, that should be sprayed on the trailers before every use, and again when they are returned. The chemical film will continue to clean the trailer as it moves down the road or while it sits overnight. This chemical “shield” helps rental customers during their wash-down and stops build-up on the exterior of the trailer. This makes clean up faster, and helps rental customers keep their deposits. Using this spray will save your equipment investment and improve your image in the community.

Whenever a trailer returns from a customer use, immediately spray them with a pressure washer. Then set aside the trailer for the next customer.

Once a new person rents a trailer, the process repeats.


Conquer Concrete

By keeping your rental trailers clean, your customers will associate cleanliness with your brand and will be excited to come back. They will know that your brand is trustworthy and that you take care to provide a quality product to your customers.


Building success.. One yard at a time