Accomplish More: Spend Less

Why adding ready-mix is a smart move

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has had an impact on the economy. During the last recession, we learned an important lesson. Those businesses who were utilizing Cart-Away trailers credited spikes in demand for short-load ready-mix concrete as a key contributor to their ability to stay afloat and differentiate themselves in the market. We have heard on multiple occasions that short-load concrete revitalized and pulled many of our customers through the last recession.

One of our customers, Pat Wampler, at We Rent It in St. Louis Missouri said:

“The introduction of Cart-Away Concrete to our customers filled a major void. I can honestly say that the placement of our plant revitalized our business and encouraged customers to return and new customers to come take a look. The speed and high quality of the concrete equipment has amazed them. The plant increased foot traffic and profits.  And Cart-Away Concrete Systems has been our #1 guide through our learning process.”

We would love to show you the potential for revenue in your market and are offering a free market and revenue analysis ($1,500 value). Simply provide your information below and our research team will get to work crunching the numbers.

Before you sign up, consider the following:

  • Short load concrete is defined as ready-mix concrete delivered in quantities of less than 6 yards. Ready-mix companies run 8-yard trucks and charge exorbitant short loads fees when homeowners, contractors, or municipalities order less than 6 yards.
  • Did you know that those short load fees and short-load sales come to $2.1 billion a year nationwide?
  • Did you know that DIY homeowners, contractors, and municipalities that are cash strapped don’t like paying short-load fees, especially during recessions?
  • Also, should congress pass the massive $2 trillion infrastructure bill they are currently discussing, there will be an acute need for large amounts of concrete. Traditional ready-mix providers will struggle to meet the demand and will be forced to prioritize. Short-load concrete will go straight to the back of the line, making it even more expensive. We have seen this happen in the past and those with the foresight, who had their own mini-batch plant and trailers, were able to produce their own concrete and profit as a result.

These are exactly the reasons why Cart-Away Concrete Systems have done so well for our customers during good times and bad. Our products enable you to solve the short load problem in your community and take a piece of the $2.1 billion in short load fees.