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Who Are Our Customers

We work with all types of businesses, contractors, governments, and end-users, to ensure that your project has the right portable concrete mixing equipment needed to complete the project.


We help our business customers achieve success with Cart-Away Concrete's mixers by supporting them through the whole process.


Businesses investing in a Cart-Away Concrete mixer are supported by Cart-Away staff through the whole process of selecting and utilizing our products. It’s our business to see you succeed.


Governments and militaries can meet their needs using Cart-Away Concrete portable concrete mixers.


We are trained to work with governments and militaries to aid in developing products that meet requested specifications.


Contractors favor our mixers because of their size, portability and price.


We are with you every step of the way. We will ensure that you select the best product for your growing business.


Our products are sold internationally to aid in government projects, disaster relief, or business opportunists.


We are trained and experienced in government and international sales; we can build products to spec and we are willing to negotiate on large contracts.

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Explore our portable concrete mixing and delivery solutions. Behind each image are the complete details, specifications and user stories that will assist you in finding the best solution for your needs.

What Our Customers Say

“At first, I was nervous about being in the concrete business, but with Cart-Away training it has been a wonderful experience. The Cart-Away system is great.”

Rental Manager

“The Cart-Away Mixer really surprised us on how it just kept cranking out the concrete. We poured forty-eight yards in just a day and a half.”

Utility Contractor

“Our Cart-Away trailer works all day, every day on repair jobs. I wish we had another one. We will buy a Cart-Away trailer again in the future.”

City of Salem

“The Cart-Away system has saved us several times. We love it for night work because we don’t have to convince ready-mix companies to stay open for emergencies.”

City of Roseville

“We use our Cart-Away trailer for almost every sidewalk repair. We do 3-4 repairs a week and this system has saved us big money. We are budgeting for another trailer.”

City of Safety Harbor

Our Brands

Since 1993 our brands have helped you succeed in concrete. As the world leader in portable concrete mixing solutions, these brands can be trusted to deliver efficiency and quality.


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