One Simple Knob Can Save $1000’s in Gearbox Repair!

The GearSaver knob on your Cart-Away mixing trailer will keep your customers from destroying a gearbox. Gear failure results from the stress caused by reversing the direction of the mixing drum too quickly. The GearSaver knob slows the directional rotation gradually and eliminates the shock to the gears.



We have fixed a BIG problem.

  • No more worry about customer abuse.
  • Expensive Downtime is reduced.
  • Less operational functions to train.
  • No more hydraulic flow control hassles.
  • No expensive specialty hydraulics needed.
  • Kits available for older mixing trailers.
  • Simplify your trailer fleet with GearSaver.

It is not whether, but when a gearbox will fail and cost you $1000. Use the GearSaver and Save.