Full 65% of Rental Applied!

The CUBE solves many remote batching problems that kill profit. We will partner with you to make more money from your concrete projects through our rental programs. Every rental CUBE that we have put in service during the past 5-years has been sold. We are confident that you will want to use this mixer over and over again.

You can choose a Standard Rental or a Rent to Purchase.

We put a few Cart-Away CUBEs into the rental fleet each year. CUBEs rent for as low as $1100 per week or $3300 per month. Rent it as long as you want, and then we will give you credit for 65% of your on-time rentals toward the purchase. Or just send it back and wait to rent it for another job, the choice is yours. Call our rental specialists at 888-649-5464 to get all of the details.

You will love this mixer!