What makes Cart-Away Concrete Systems different from others who service the portable concrete mixer industry? Initially, we couldn’t put our finger on the differences until we heard a common story echoing back to us from our customers who said – “You guys have been in our shoes…” We wanted to test this sentiment and so we created a statement concerning Cart-Away and then tested it in an email survey to 295 of our customers. Here is the Story of Cart-Away that we included in the survey:

“Starting in the 1990’s Cart-Away revolutionized concrete. Cart-Away’s field-experience combined with their durable equipment has created hundreds of success stories in concrete. Today, many businesses rely on the experienced team at Cart-Away to move them from start-up to success with concrete”.

In the email we asked the respondents if they agreedtotally disagreedstrongly agree or slightly disagreed with the story. We had 101 people open the email and review the statement. From those who responded back, we were relieved to find that only 5% slightly disagreed and nobody totally disagreed! But what we are proud to report that 40% agreed with our story and 55% marked strongly agree… That is 95% who think that our story is accurate!

To be completely transparent we must also report that we offered everyone who responded to the survey a $10 dollar parts credit – so I am sure we skewed a few of the “agree-sided” responses. Even with the incentive, we believe that our survey results are positive…

This survey has been helpful in confirming our story, but we received better information than we could have imagined. We got sincere feedback that we had never received before, and we are using it to improve our service. Here is an example from someone who slightly disagreed with the statement: “Part of the statement is true – part is not. We feel your company has minimal support.” We need this type of feedback in order to understand how some view our customer service. The customer service department has been directed to reach out to this particular customer and find out where we have fallen short in giving complete support.

We are committed to making necessary adjustments and turning this customer into someone who would agree with all of the Cart-Away Story. We also heard from customers who have found things in our products that concerned them, so our engineering and production teams have reached out to understand ways that the product can be improved and better meet their needs.

For balance we will share just one of the positive responses that were offered: We strongly agree that you guys (are) very helpful and easy to work with, you have helped us many times (with) very prompt service!” This project has been very helpful in refining our story and developing our plans for better customer service. If you have a minute or two, we would love to hear your thoughts on this process.