Brand Guidelines

The following is an illustrative, non-exhaustive list of logos, trademarks, co-branding marks, icons, and product brands owned by Cart-Away Concrete Systems Inc. Because this list of logos and trademarks and their status could change over time, including as we add new products and services, please review this section in these Guidelines periodically. Please note that the absence of a product or service name or logo from the list below does not constitute a waiver of Cart-Away Concrete Systems’s trademark or other intellectual property rights in that name, mark, or logo.

Co-Branding Marks



Cart-Away Concrete Systems Inc. values the relationships we build with our partners and wants to ensure our best interests are represented and we are fair when working with our business partners. We recognize that our partners often wish to publicize their relationship with us. Given Cart-Away Concrete Systems Inc. volume of partners, the following public marketing/communication guidelines were developed with an objective to:

  1. Accelerate the growth of our partners.
  2. Mitigate risk and protect the Cart-Away Concrete System’s brand by avoiding other company product endorsements.
  3. Avoid releasing competitive and confidential information.
  4. Treat partners fairly and equally.

Partners’ public communications and marketing efforts that reference Cart-Away Concrete Systems Inc. must be vetted through the partners’ Cart-Away Concrete Systems Inc. contact who will coordinate reviews. Please email [email protected]


High-level descriptions of equipment provided by Cart-Away Concrete Systems Inc.

  • Statements of relationship with Cart-Away Concrete Systems Inc., in text form, using the following template:
    1. (Name of Company) is a Cart-Away Concrete Systems Inc. equipment partner in (geographic area/country) for (name of product/service).  
  • Showing the equipment (or the equipment photo) that the partner uses to produce a retail product (concrete). The distinctness of the partner’s product and Cart-Away Concrete’s brand should remain the focus of the communications and / or marketing material. The emphasis on Cart-Away Concrete Systems equipment should be consistent with the treatment of other clients of the partner. A partner cannot create a perception they are representing Cart-Away Concrete Systems Inc. Examples include onsite signage, billboards, website graphics/language, and displays at trade shows and events.



  • Use of Cart-Away Concrete System’s photos, logos or trademarked names on supplier’s marketing materials, such as websites, email domains, social media sites, pamphlets, brochures, radio/television/print / digital advertising materials, trailer drums, batch plants or any other equipment surfaces.
  • Details beyond the high-level description about products/services/relationship with Cart-Away Concrete Systems.
  • Dollar amounts and / or volume of any contracts with Cart-Away Concrete Systems.
  • Endorsements of the partner’s product/service (for example testimonials, quotes from employees, presenters at an industry show, etc.).
  • Letters of recommendation.


Cart-Away Concrete Systems Inc. has several trademarked names*. Those include: 

  • Cart-Away Concrete Systems Inc.
  • Cart-Away Concrete Systems
  • Cart-Away Concrete
  • Cart-Away Supply
  • Cart-Away Equipment
  • Cart-Away
  • U-Cart Concrete
  • U-Cart 

*Also protected are location-based variants of the above trademark names. Example: Cart-Away Concrete of Sacramento.

Each of these names is registered and protected assets of Cart-Away Concrete systems. The use of these names by partners is governed in the Brand Guidelines below. Properly designate the status of the Cart-Away Concrete System’s trademarks by using the correct trademark symbol (® or ™) reflecting Cart-Away Concrete System’s ownership of particular marks as set forth above.

  • In letters, memos, press releases, white papers, advertising, billboards, slides, foils, video, multimedia, partner signage, equipment surfaces:
    1. Properly designate (with ® or ™) all of Cart-Away Concrete System’s trademarks at the most prominent use (usually a headline) and again on the first occurrence in copy; and
  • In the case of presentation graphics, trademarks should be designated with the proper trademark symbol on each page, slide, and foil.
  • In newsletters, magazines, and publications containing multiple articles:
    1. Properly designate (with ® or ™) all of Cart-Away Concrete System’s trademarks on the first occurrence in the document, in headlines, and on the first occurrence in every article in which they are used.
  • In brochures, annual/quarterly reports, books, technical documentation, and other bound documents:
    1. Properly designate (with ® or ™) all of Cart-Away Concrete System’s trademarks on the first occurrence in the document, in headlines, and on the first occurrence in the text.
  • In all charts or graphs, properly designate trademarks (with ® or ™).
  • On all packaging, always use the trademark symbol in every reference.
  • Do not assert rights over any Cart-Away Concrete Systems brand whether by incorporating a Cart-Away brand into your own product or service names, trademarks, logos, company names, or domain names or seeking a trademark or domain name registration for any term that includes a Cart-Away brand.
  • When using Cart-Away Concrete System’s trademarks: (i) follow the style and usage guidelines available in our Brand Style Guide; (ii) use our Logos exactly as they appear here, and do not alter or distort their appearance in any way, for example, by adding your own design elements or changing the font, colors, or size; (iii) allow for clear space around our Logo; and (iv) maintain the legibility of our Logos and keep them sharp, clear, and well-produced. When using our Word Marks, you may not change their appearance by abbreviating them, incorporating them into acronyms, changing their spelling, using them in parts, or using improper capitalization.
  • You may not use a Cart-Away Concrete trademark in a disparaging or degrading manner.
  • You may not place Cart-Away Concrete trademarks or branding on any equipment not sold by Cart-Away Concrete Systems. 
  • Unless expressly permitted in an agreement between you and Cart-Away Concrete, you may not bid on or target a Cart-Away trademark (or any variant or extension thereof) as a keyword on any search engine, or use a Cart-Away trademark (or any variant or extension thereof) in any form of paid advertising including, but not limited to, paid social, radio, display advertisements.

Brand Styleguide

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